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A word from ’05 grad Scott Miles

Phantom camera and Hive light set up with Scott Miles and Dean Dephillipo at Brooks Institute.

EDTECH GRAD SCOTT MILES (left) uses a Phantom high-speed video camera with low-temperature plasma and LED lighting to make slow-motion videos of a chameleon feeding. Dean DePhillipo, a faculty colleague at Brooks Institute of Photography, adjusts the Hive plasma light source.     Photo © Ralph Clevenger, Brooks Institute

Just got a letter from one of my all-time favorite students, Scott Miles, a professor of studio photography at the seriously illustrious Brooks Institute of Photography in California.

In those days (2005), students had to produce a culminating activity to demonstrate their expertise in research and technology integration. Even then, we expected students to customize the program to fit their own professional situation, so Scott researched a lesser-known pioneering photographer of American wilderness and created a video documentary. In case anyone wonders, yeah, it was a knock-your-socks-off production.

When I met his wife at commencement, she hugged me for guiding her husband through his graduate program. It’s people and moments like this that have made advising here for the past 15 years here so memorable and special.

Here’s Scott’s note:

I just wanted to let you know about the great opportunities that were opened up to me because I earned the M.S. in Educational Technology from Boise State University. I was a professional photography instructor at Brooks Institute while working online to get my degree at Boise State. Shortly after graduation, I became the Professional Photography Program chair–largely due to my enhanced understanding of higher education and technology. In recent years, I worked with the Brooks Institute faculty to develop our first online degree program. The Master of Science in Scientific and Technological Imaging (MSSTI) Program was launched in 2015. Boise State EdTech Department Chair Brett Shelton accepted our invitation to participate on the MSSTI Advisory Board, and we’ve continued to benefit from the expertise of the Boise State University’s EdTech faculty.

The Brooks Institute MSSTI program has opened up great new opportunities in the fields of life sciences imaging, engineering imaging, cultural heritage and museum imaging, aerospace and other industrial imaging, and other aspects of visually communicating science, history and technology. This expansion of scientific imaging at Brooks Institute began, in part, with my experiences in the EdTech program at Boise State University.

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