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EdTech Business Manager Wins an Award

Megan DuPre with her campus-wide award for simplifying processes.

EdTech Business Manager Megan Dupre recently won an award for developing an efficient way to train faculty and staff on complicated new processes of obtaining travel authorizations and reporting expenses.

DuPre’s process saves paper and reduces time involved in getting approval for travel and expenses.

The award was presented at the university’s inaugural Process Improvement Symposium which attracted staff and faculty from 40 departments across campus.

Other departments won awards for:

  • Identifying keepers of complicated systems knowledge and creating their own inhouse training, instead of relying on university trainers,
  • Cost-saving ways to clean floors and white boards,
  • Streamlining ways to use newly implemented financial charts of account, and
  • Creating a secure share-drive for electronic files and allowing digital receipt collection for expense reports.
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