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EdTech applauds it summer graduates, too

Boise State EdTech graduated 40 master’s students at the end of summer term. The university does not conduct summer commencement exercises, so summer grads are allowed to walk in fall commencement and, in December, three of them did. But those unable to fly to Boise for commencement don’t always get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

And that’s why the faculty and staff congratulate all of our summer graduates for a monumental accomplishment. We urge all of them to share their skills and knowledge with colleagues and become the teacher leaders they’re meant to be.

Here are our summer grads.

Jessica Allen, Megan Apgar, Marco Armienta, Brian Beck, Rebecca Beecher, Nick Boyce, Mary Carter, Scott Castro, Jennifer Classen, Fabio Cominotti, Katy Cooper, Julian Elorduy, Kristen Ferguson, Jessica Gake, Allyssa Gilin, Cynthia Goodwill, Katelyn Griffin, Mark Harmon, Kevin Higgins, Lisa Hoover, Damien Husen, Sean Kass, Benjamin Killam, Lindy Lee, Emily Loughlin, Joanne Matibag, Lisa McLeod, Sheri Nimmo, Russell North, Richard Place, Ariana Pyburn, Katie Schmoldt, Amy Spencer, Trevor Takayama, Megan Turner, Kari Vera, Judith Wilson, Jessie Wraichette, and Erika Zapata.

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