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Basic  information

Name :LIXIN LIU       Age: 29       Gender: Female      Country : China      

tel:(208)4406425    PH.D candidate

Education background

Soochow University  one key university of  211-project” in China

Phd candidate in Finance     Major in finance     

 2017.09-now    Research field : Funds of funds (FOF)

Master in Economics   Major in economics    

 2011.09-2014.06         Average score 83/100 ( 3% )

Hebei Finance University  Bachelor in economics     Major in international economics    2007.09-2011.06     GPA3.75/4(top 3%)

Taiwan Soochow University      Major in economics      2013.02-2014.01 

exchange student

Work  Experience

2015.03-now  DongGuan Securities Company  Fund manager assistant

2014.09–2017.07   Hebei Finance University  Lecturer in  Finance department


English Ability

Be fluent in English : IELTS 6.5