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Teaching Opportunities

Acquiring an Adjunct Teaching Position
Getting Started
Using my.BoiseState
Getting Started with Moodle & the Semester
Instructional Materials
Course Evaluations
End of the Semester Activities

I. Acquiring an Adjunct Teaching Position

Teach Undergraduate Courses
We only offer one undergraduate course, EDTECH 202: Educational Technology: Classroom Applications.

Teach Graduate Courses
Qualifications to teach graduate courses include an Ed.D. or Ph.D. in Educational Technology or related field, and experience teaching online and/or designing online curriculum. Evidence of successful teaching (e.g., course evaluations) is required. The pay range depends on level of experience.

If you are interested in teaching for the Department of Educational Technology, you should submit a letter of application and vita to Dr. Chareen Snelson ( Within the letter of application, list the classes you are qualified to teach along with the specific experiences and/or education supporting why you are qualified to teach each course. Also include in your letter of application a list of at least three references. Examples of teaching materials you have created and recent course evaluations may also be submitted.

If there is an opening and you are considered qualified to teach the course, the adjunct coordinator will request a copy of your transcripts. Once your transcripts are received, you will be offered an adjunct position and be expected to complete the required paperwork as soon as possible.

The adjunct coordinator assists all adjunct faculty throughout the hiring and orientation process as well as during the academic semester. Any questions about instruction and instructional materials, Boise State University and Department of Educational Technology policies, and student concerns should be directed to the adjunct coordinator.

II. Getting Oriented

A. Paperwork

  • I-9 Form
    Adjuncts who reside locally will go to Human Resources on the Boise State campus to complete the necessary paperwork. For those at a distance, the department administrative assistant will send an I-9 Form. It’s crucial that the form is returned quickly. It is the necessary step to receiving an employee identification number and receiving a letter of appointment (LOA).
  • Letter of Appointment
    Once adjuncts receive an employee identification number, a letter of appointment is issued stipulating the conditions of employment including the salary for the semester. These are sent by the department administrative assistant with instructions to sign and return it to the department within five (5) business days.

B. Faculty Vitae and Photo
Adjuncts will then email the adjunct coordinator a vitae and a photo. A link to the vitae, pertinent academic information, current email address, and photo will be displayed on the Faculty and Staff department webpage.

C. Boise State University Adjunct Faculty Information
After completing the required paperwork and emailing an updated vitae and photo, new adjuncts are expected to review the University Faculty Handbook, which assists in orienting new adjuncts to the university. It includes resources for Human Resources, the Registrar’s office, Albertson’s Library, professional development and other Boise State resources. A Frequently Asked Questions page is particularly useful in answering academic and logistical questions.

III. Using my.BoiseState

A. Guide to my.BoiseState
Adjuncts can log into my.BoiseState once they receive an employee I.D.. To access my.BoiseState:

1. Go to

2. Type in your username and password (if you do not know your username, call the my.BoiseState Help Line (208-426-2932 and choose option 4 or call the Campus Help Desk directly at 208-426-4357)

The Faculty/Staff Guide to my.BoiseState site provides information on accessing and using my.BoiseState features. Once the letter of appointment is processed, you will have access to your course(s) and course information including class rosters and grades by clicking on the Faculty Center link (if you do not have the Faculty Center link, contact the Campus Help Desk at 208-426-4357). In my.BoiseState, you also have access to student and payroll information.

B. Faculty Email Accounts
Adjunct faculty are given an email account that can be accessed on at: Your my.BoiseState username and password will be tied to this account.

IV. Getting Started with Moodle and the Semester

1. Getting Started with Moodle
Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) used in the Department of Educational Technology. This software is hosted, maintained, and updated by Moodlerooms ( in order to provide you with dependable, robust service. You will be added as an instructor to our Moodle site as soon as you are hired. If you cannot log in to Moodle soon after your hire, please contact Moodle Support ( ) our Moodle administrator. Learn more about setting up your course site and managing your course in Moodle by reading the Moodlerooms Help for Teachers.

2. Textbook Requisitions and Student Textbook Purchases
Adjunct faculty are responsible for completing a textbook requisition form for each course they teach at the Boise State Bookstore, either to order textbooks or to indicate that there is no textbook for the course. The faculty textbook order due dates are as follows: Spring: October 15 Summer: March 15 Fall: April 15 Faculty should consider sending out textbook information to students prior to the start of class and may suggest other sources (i.e. from which students may purchase the texts. Students may be prompted to order their book and use expedited shipping. Do realize that late registering students will not have that information early and structure the first week’s activities with that in mind.

3. Contacting Students and Making Your Class Available
The policy in the Department of Educational Technology requires that all instructors contact their students no later than the Friday prior to the first day of classes for the semester welcoming their students, providing pertinent information, and making their course available.

V. Instructional Materials

A. Syllabus
In creating the syllabus for each course, each instructor uses the department syllabus template. The adjunct coordinator is available to answer questions concerning the syllabus and assist with aligning course content to program standards.

B. Course Assistance/Feedback
The adjunct coordinator is added to adjunct course sites the first time a course is taught and to other courses if requested or determined necessary to more readily provide assistance and feedback.

VI. Course Evaluations

A. Online Evaluation Form
Near the end of the semester, the adjunct coordinator will send an email containing the URL to the EdTech online course evaluation. Adjuncts then request for their students to complete the online evaluation. Adjuncts who do not collect evaluation materials cannot be rehired by the department so it is crucial that instructors encourage students to complete the evaluation. Student evaluation information is used in modifying and/or enhancing course content and instruction.

B. Course Evaluation Information
The adjunct coordinator will provide a compilation of the data collected from the course evaluation and discuss the results with each adjunct instructor.

VII. End of the Semester Activities

A. Posting Grades
Grades must be submitted on my.BoiseState by a deadline date for each session. Adjuncts receive a reminder from the Registrar a week before the deadline. The deadline is also listed on the Registrar’s Faculty/Staff Information Page. Instructors can access grade rosters for classes they are currently teaching, as well as classes already loaded in my.BoiseState that they are assigned to teach in future semesters. Simply sign into your Faculty Center and select the Grade Roster link.