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Are you Curious about the EDTECH 513 Multimedia course?

By: Diane Hall, Ed.D.

Diane Hall

Dr. Diane Hall

Have you been curious about the EDTECH 513 Multimedia course? Is it for you? I highly recommend it, not just because I have taught it many semesters, but because it is a course that I wish had been available when I was earning my degrees. You get to be creative and craft projects you can use in your own classrooms or jobs.

Dr. Barbara Schroeder has done a great job designing the course and tweaks it each semester to keep it fresh and relevant. You will learn how to apply the principles of multimedia learning to your projects. There are meaningful class discussions about the principles as well.

All the multimedia tools used are either free or have a free trial. This is nice because you learn inexpensive ways to use multimedia, which can be just as effective in e-learning as the pricier counterparts.

The text for this course is one of the best I have seen. Authors Clark and Mayer do a good job of presenting multimedia principles in a clear and engaging way. This is not a “dry” text. It offers practical suggestions with research to back them up.  Take a look: e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning, 3rd Edition

Course Projects:

  • Sketchnotes – a fun way to create a visual story by using drawings or apps. (Example)
  • Haiku Deck – a powerful, yet simple presentation tool that you could use with your students. (Example)
  • Narrated Presentation – a collaborative presentation using Google Slides or other presentation software. (Example)
  • Digital Story – using a combination of narration, graphics, and video to teach a lesson. (Example)
  • Worked Example – using a screen recording tool of your choice to make a tutorial (preferably one that you can use in your classroom).  (Example)

We hope to see you in EDTECH 513 Multimedia!

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