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Boise State EdTech graduates 43 master’s students

100th Boise State University commencement—May 6, 2017

Boise State’s EdTech master’s program graduated 43 students on Saturday. The doctoral program graduated six students.

University President Robert Kustra noted that the last time commencement was held on a football field was in 1981 and the field was green, to which a low boo rumbled through the stadium. Boise loves its iconic blue field.

Of the 11 master’s graduates who attended commencement, Patricia Smyers of Secaucus, NJ, and William Krebs of Cary, N.C., came the farthest. Ryan Faith came from Antioch, Ill. Brenda Ritter and her husband drove from Rice, Minn. They left early Wednesday and vacationed along the way, including touring Yellowstone National Park.

Also attending commencement were Charlie Ball of Bigfork, Mont., and an unusually large Idaho contingent, including Claire Dickinson, Lisa Apel, Kaycie Winn, Jasmine Quezada, Susane Tardiff, and Belle Holsinger.

Other MET students who graduated this semester are: Kristen Alaniz, Brian Betteridge, Carli Cockrell, Cassandra Davenport, Jeremy DeVee, Frand DiGiacomo, Megan Dye, Hannah Gourley, Brooke Gruesbeck-Fore, Byron Heath, Kathryn Hinds, Tyler Isbell, Bonni Jones, Debra Killen, Katharine Lauritsen, Danielle Leone, Amy Lomellini, Cassandra Mares, Sarah Marsh, Emily Pensinger, Adam Piechowski, Colleen Solomon, Danielle Stephens, Elizabeth Swaby, Lee Ung, Doug Vass, Karl Werner, Kyioka White, Thomas White, Marisa Williams, and Kjersti Withers.

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