Nutrition for Kids…and Astronauts  A Cooperative Project between Second and Fifth Grade Students

Peggi Hash/ Connie Fugate
Health /2nd grade

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  1. Nutrition(PowerPoint) 


Content Area Objectives Addressed: 

Idaho Achievement Standards:  Health, Grade 2

787.01  Students will acquire the essential skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.

f.  Explain the reasons for wise food selection


Technology Objectives Addressed: 

Presentation Model: Non-linear

Teacher Guided Presentation


Activity Description

            What was the process that your students went through to complete this lesson?

Prior to the lesson the instructors designed the background and slide layout, made the title and menu slides, and found internet sites for graphics, information and supplementary activities.

Students were acquainted with basic concepts of word processing and Paint prior to the lesson.


How did you monitor student progress?

Teacher observation, completion of individual slides


Was there a template or an example that students were expected to follow?

            How much time did you dedicate to this project?

            No.  Only the background and hyperlinks were set up ahead of time.  Students were free to create their own slides beyond that.

                        Total – approximately 10 hours of class time

                        Daily (approximate) 20-30 minutes/child

                        Much more teacher time because we hit a couple of technical glitches.

            How was the final product presented?

We had a celebration feast with food cooked in class using our new knowledge about nutrition with our 5th grade partners and viewed the final PowerPoint product.  Parents and administrators were also invited to attend.


Who was the audience for the final product?

Classroom students, administrators and parents were the first audiences.  We stored the PowerPoint on the building network server for use by other classes in the future.

Learning Issues

What prior knowledge was required on the part of the students in order for them to be successful in this project? (include curriculum and technology knowledge)

1.      Basic PowerPoint navigation skills

·         Cut and paste

·         Inserting graphics

·         Using text boxes

·         Formatting font

·         Word Art

·         Saving work

2.      Introduced to the 5 basic food groups

3.      Write an informational sentence

4.      Work co-operatively

Resource Management

            What was the student to computer ratio?

The ratio was 4 students to a computer at times for group work, and at other times 1 or 2 students at each computer for individual work.  There were 5 computers available for student use, and 20 students are currently enrolled.

How did you schedule your students’ computer time?

Students were scheduled for 20-30 minute rotations to 5 different centers over a 5 day period. 


What was the location of the computers and other technology equipment used by students?

            All equipment was based within the classroom.


How would you suggest beginning teachers obtain computer resources for their students? (Knowing some of your strategies would be valuable for our pre-service teachers.)

Write grants, look for programs that donate used or refurbished computers, take advantage of any technology training/learning opportunities that are available.


Rate the level of access for students to use computers/other technologies as they needed  --high, medium, low

            Student access to technology in my classroom is high.


Rate the level of supervision required for students during the project, specifically for computer and other technology use –high, medium, low

            Supervision rate varied from medium to high depending on the expertise of the student.



What hardware was required for your project?

            Computers, Smart Board, projector, digital camera, scanner

            What software was required for your project?

            PowerPoint, Paint

Anything else?

We used the Pyramid Café Workbooks from the Idaho Dairy Council and supplementary materials for our nutrition unit.



            What kind of assessment did you use for this project? (Include a copy if you can.)

·         Presentation slide content

·         Participation

·         Teacher observation

·         Completion of project


What categories did you assess? (I.e.:  content, screen design, depth/breadth, etc.)

Participation was the only skill formally assessed.  I also observed the ease of use with the technology, and how the students remembered instruction on adding text boxes, etc.



How does the product that you submitted compare with other students’ products for this same project?

I submitted all student work (the good, bad and ugly) done for the project.


            What did you like best about this project?

            I liked the way that the kids absorbed both the subject matter and the new technology lessons.  The integration of technology added more meaning to the subject matter, and each child was part of an expert group.




            What did the students like best about this project?

            Cooking and eating!  They also liked using the computers to make a presentation.



            Rank the level of student involvement in this project –high, medium, low

            Medium – I had to do the scanning, and readying of the work (rotating, resizing, copying to the student’s file) for the students to cut and paste onto the final project.


            Rank the level of student interest in this project –high, medium, low

            High – they were really into the content and the use of technology.

            Would you teach this lesson again?

            Absolutely – and I will during my next second grade rotation.  I will also use some of the same methods for other content areas.