Order of Operation

Judy Young
Seventh Grade/Math: Pre-Algebra

Content Area Objectives Addressed: 

     *Understanding and using operations with integers.

     *Understanding and using properties with integers.

     *Applying operations with integers to real life problems.

     *Applying properties with integers to real life problems.


Technology Objectives Addressed:

     *Creating a multimedia presentation to teach a concept.


Activity Description

What was the process that your students went through to complete this lesson?

     I began the lesson by showing the students a 3-slide multimedia presentation about “Absolute Value.”  I then explained that teams within the class would be creating shows which would explain and apply operations and properties using integers.  We reviewed the “Absolute Value” show and discussed the requirements for each slide. A handout was also given to each student.   I used the Smartboard to create a sample slide while I went over the steps and had the students follow along on the guide.  Many of the students had created shows on Corel Presentations and were familiar with the procedures.

 Teams of two were assigned and  topics and blank storyboards were distributed. The students spent the rest of the 90 minute block creating a storyboard which outlined the layout of the slide, the problem to pose, backgrounds, font style, size, and color, and transitions.  Each  student was required to submit a storyboard for individual accountability and in case the partner was absent on the day with the computers.  Since this would be a teaching presentation, manual rather than timed transitions were chosen.  Storyboards were due at the beginning of the next class period.

     At the beginning of the next class we reviewed creating a slide, I checked storyboards,  and then students went to assigned rooms to begin work.  This took the remaining time of the 90 minute block.  Students were instructed to e-mail the slides  to their partners and to me.  It was necessary for me to compile the completed shows into larger slide shows: “Properties” and Operations with Integers.”

     During the third session, teams presented their slides on the Smartboard and then introduced the following teams. Slides were discussed and the validity of the applications was assessed.  Peer and self evaluations were given.

How did you monitor student progress?  

    I had to consult with the groups as they prepared their storyboards and posed the problems to which they would apply their topic.  This meant that most of the problems were approved before the next meeting when they would begin the slide shows.

     While the students were working on the computers I had to go from room to room to monitor progress, troubleshoot, and check conduct.  Our rooms are set up with banks of 5 computers, so I had students in four rooms.  Careful assignment of teams and rooms was necessary. 



Was there a template or an example that students were expected to follow?

     Students were to follow the storyboard and could refer to my sample slide show whenever necessary.

How much time did you dedicate to this project?

Total   240 minutes

Daily (approximate)  60-90

How was the final product presented?

     Students presented their final products to the class, and then the slide shows  were presented to the other 7th Math classes when they were studying those same concepts.


Who was the audience for the final product?


The teacher, their own class, and the other 7th grade math classes viewed the slide shows.  Portions of the slide shows were also presented at a Family Tech Night.


Learning Issues

What prior knowledge was required on the part of the students in order for them to be successful in this project? (include curriculum and technology knowledge)

Students created these as a culmination and review of  a unit on operations and properties with integers.

Most students had prior experiences creating slide shows or were teamed with students with experience.


Resource Management

What was the student to computer ratio?

2 students per computer

How did you schedule your students' computer time?

I arranged time with teachers whose students were at electives and used my own bank of five comuters.


What was the location of the computers and other technology equipment used by students?  Students were in my room and three rooms adjacent to mine.



How would you suggest beginning teachers obtain computer resources for their students? (Knowing some of your strategies would be valuable for our pre-service teachers.)

Use other teachers and media/tech specialists for ideas as well as book publishers and on-line resources.



Rate the level of access for students to use computers/other technologies as they needed  medium


Rate the level of supervision required for students during the project, specifically for computer and other technology use –medium



What hardware was required for your project?

Networked computers, printers, scanner, Smartboard, projection system


What software was required for your project?

Multimedia presentation program–Corel Presentations

Anything else?



What kind of assessment did you use for this project? (Include a copy if you can.)

Peer, self, and teacher evaluations were compiled.  The students had a sheet on which to give a 1-5 score.


What categories did you assess? (I.e.:  content, screen design, depth/breadth, etc.)  Slides were evaluated on mathmatical accuracy and valid application

of the property or operation. 

The slides should be easy to read and navigate through.


How does the product that you submitted compare with other students' products for this same project?

Since I chose the teams so that they would be equitable, the products sumitted were of similar quality to others.   Each member of the team had to submit a storyboard.   Some were a little neater penmanship than others.


             What did you like best about this project?

   Watching the enthusiam with which they approach the technology application was great.  Organizing the storyboard was not as “fun”, but made the time on computers more efficient.


What did the students like best about this project?


The students loved writing the problems and importing graphics to go along.  Some of them scanned personal photographs to go with their stories.  They were also proud of their work and eager to share using the Smartboard.


Rank the level of student involvement in this project –high


Rank the level of student interest in this project –high

Would you teach this lesson again?

I plan to have my Pre-Algebra students do this each year to present to the other math classes.  They really had to put a lot of thought into the problems because it was going to be used as an example for their peers.