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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to know I plan to participate in commencement?
You must respond to the email invitation sent to you by the Registrar’s Office by the deadline stated.  In addition, please let our department know you plan to participate. Send an email to Dixie Conner

Where should I go to see the latest commencement information?
You can see the latest information here.

Who do I contact for assistance with graduation forms?
Paul Castelin. He is the advisor who assists students preparing to graduate.  His email address is

Who should I contact if I need special accommodations at commencement?
At least two weeks prior to the event, contact Mandy Nelson by phone 208-426-1294 or by email

Who can answer questions about the day of the commencement?
Jerry Foster serves as the department representative who welcomes students prior to commencement at Taco Bell Arena. Contact him by email

Where can I find a campus map?
You will find an interactive campus map here.