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Course Schedule

Master’s Course Schedule

Course sequence: Take core courses in the order listed below. Culminating activities are saved for your last semester in the program. You must be finished with core courses prior to your last semester.

Course schedule is subject to change. Check my.BoiseState schedule of classes for current semester offerings.

Note: an "X" indicates the course is offered during that semester.

Course NumberFallSpringSummerPrerequisites
501: Introduction to Educational Technologyxxx
502: Creating Educational Websites (Formerly Internet for Educators)xxx
503: Instructional Designxxx
504: Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technologyxxx501
505: Evaluation for Educational Technologistsxxx501 & 503
650 (previously numbered 561): Research in Educational Technology (core for MS only, take semester prior to thesis)x504
651 (previously numbered 562): Introduction to Statistics for Educational Technologyx
506: Graphic Design for Learningxx
511: Interactive Courseware Developmentx502 & 503 or instructor permission
512: Online Course Designxx502 or instructor permission
513: Multimediaxx
521: Online and Blended Teaching in the K-12 Environmentxx
522: Online Teaching for Adult Learnersxx
523: Advanced Online and Blended Teachingx521 or 522
524: Field Experience in Online Teachingxx
531: Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worldsx
532: Educational Games and Simulationsx
533: YouTube for Educatorsx
534: Mobile App Design for Teaching and Learningxx
535: Digital Engagement for Learningx
536: Digital Game Design for K-12 Classroomsx
537: Blogging in the Classroomx
541: Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculumxxx
542: Technology-Supported Project-Based Learningxx
543: Social Network Learningxx
551: Technical and Grant Writingxx
552: Introduction to Network Administrationx
554: Managing Technology Integration in Schoolsx
563: Quest-Based Learning Design. Note: New course starting in spring 2017.x
564: Gamified Augmented Reality and Mobile. Note: New course starting in fall 2017.x
565 - Advanced Educational Game Design. Note: New course. Offered on alternate even-numbered years beginning in spring 2018.x536
597: Maker Tech: STEAM Education. Note: Offered again in spring 2018.x
597: Robotics for Teaching & Learning. Note: Offered on alternate odd-numbered years beginning in spring 2017.
592: Portfolioxxx
593: Thesisxx

For a complete schedule of Summer 2018 courses Click on the following image:
Summer 2017 Schedule