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Academic Forms

The Graduate College has fielded electronic forms to be completed online by students as they progress through their programs. Currently, the only forms in electronic form are:

  • Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) – for both your degree and certificate
  • Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (RAAR) – submitted in order to make changes to your degree or certificate requirements
  • Request for Approval of Transfer Credits (RATC) – for when you wish to have graduate credits earned at another institution considered as electives in your EDTECH program(s)
  • Appointment of Supervisory Committee (ASC) – if you are producing a thesis or dissertation

Help documentation for use of the new forms and Perceptive Experience can be found on the OIT website:

Help Desk and Support Contact Information

If you have technical difficulties using the Graduate College forms, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 208-426-HELP (208-426-4357) or

If you have non-technical questions about your form please contact Graduate Admission and Degree Services at 208-426-3903 or

If you have questions about your program requirements please contact your Department of EDTECH Adviser and/ or Graduate Program Coordinator for assistance.

Other Forms not yet in Perceptive Format

Application for Graduate Independent Study

Form: Application for Graduate Independent Study

Graduate Independent Study is often used when a student wishes to pursue advanced study in a relevant area of interest. The student works with a high degree of independence to meet well-defined goals under the supervision of a member of the graduate faculty. A sample form based on an actual project is provided. A project proposal, detailed plan, and specific list of deliverables need to be worked out with the supervising faculty member prior to submitting the application.

Application for Portfolio

This is an online form that is to be completed and submitted once certain prerequisites have been met.
Portfolio is normally taken during the final term of the student’s Master’s program. The application for portfolio is submitted during the semester prior to the student’s final term.
In order to qualify for Portfolio and receive a permission number to register, students must have completed the following actions prior to completing the Portfolio Application:

  1. Submitted an Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) for the MET degree.
  2. Applied for Graduation in my.BoiseState for your degree.
  3. Completed all core courses for the degree and have either only one or no electives remaining.

Once you have confirmed that the Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) has been filed and any other needed actions have been taken, you are ready to complete the Portfolio application online. Go to the following link: Application for Portfolio and complete the online form.

If you have any difficulties with either the application process or use of the permission number once you receive it, please contact Paul Castelin at, or call (208) 426-4314.

If you are unsure whether or not your Application for Admission to Candidacy has been filed and approved and whether or not you have applied for graduation for the MET degree, please directly contact Graduate Admissions and Degree Services at or call (208) 426-3903 and ask for a status update on those two items.

Application for Graduation

After the Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) form has been processed you will need to Apply for Graduation in my.BoiseState. To apply, do the following:

  1. Login to my.BoiseState and follow the instructions at the link: Apply for Graduation.
  2. The system will do a check to be sure you have the AAC form on file. If you do not, you will not be able to Apply for Graduation. Call the Registrar Help Desk at (208) 426-4249, or email the Registrar at to determine your status and what needs to be done.
  3. During the application process you will be asked to pay a $25.00 diploma fee for a degree, $20 for a certificate. You may use your credit card to pay. Please check the academic calendar on the Registrar’s website to be sure that you meet the deadline for applying, since late fees can be incurred:
  4. Separate applications are required for a degree and a certificate.