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FAQ for Current Students

If you have a question you can’t find an answer to here, contact the Educational Technology Department Office at (208) 426-1962 or

After I’ve registered for classes, how do I get started?

Your letter of acceptance from the Graduate College provides you with a student number and a Boise State email address powered by Google (see for more information).

Your instructor will send an email to your new Boise State email address by Friday of the week before classes start with instructions on how to access the class.

If you don’t hear from your instructor(s) by Friday of that week, please write to him/her directly to let him/her know you are registered for the class but did not receive the welcome letter. You can find faculty email addresses at EDTECH Faculty and Staff .

Our classes go live the first day of the semester with first assignments due the following week. If you plan to use your personal email account while at Boise State, you absolutely must put a forward on your myBoiseState account and email so all Boise State communication is forwarded to your personal address. Boise State does not send emails directly to your personal address and you will miss important emails from your instructors, the program, and the university.

While you are waiting for your program to begin, review the hardware and software requirements, and get your equipment up-to-date. Also, be sure to login to Blackboard LMS to get familiar with the learning environment. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at Phone: (208) 426-4357 (HELP)

Which classes do I take first?

After our department receives your application from the Graduate College, an electronic Program Development Form (ePDF) will be shared with you from Google Sheets. This comes with instructions and an example of how to create your plan and determine the classes you want to take to earn a degree and/or certificate. This is shared to your Boise State email address. Normally, all degree-seeking students begin by enrolling in EdTech 501 and 502 if taking two classes the first semester. (Note: If you plan to start in the summer – you may want to take one class due to the concentrated time frame and amount of work required). For the rest of the program, we recommend students take one core class and one elective if possible. See course descriptions at: EDTECH Course Descriptions. We recommend you contact an adviser for assistance as you plan your classes. You can find contact information at: EDTECH Contact Information

You will also need to refer to our course schedule at: EDTECH Course Schedule when completing the ePDF sheet.

What about prerequisites?

See required prerequisites on the course schedule and course information.

Who is my faculty adviser?

To find your faculty adviser, please follow the instructions at this link: View My Academic Advisor.”

What other advising resources are available?

M.E.T. and certificate students are assigned an academic adviser. However, students may also receive advising for admissions, enrollment, and end-of-program program forms and procedures. You can find contact information at: EDTECH Contact Information.
Ed.S. students should contact advising through

What if I can’t get together with my adviser? Or what if I need a question answered quickly?

If you’re new to the program, contact your admissions adviser, Dixie Conner at (619) 741-7748 or

If you’ve completed about half (15 – 18 credits) or more of your master’s program, contact Paul Castelin at (208) 426-1962 or

I’m going to have a baby soon. Should I avoid taking classes this semester?

That’s a personal decision, but if notified in advance some professors are flexible if you need to take time out during the semester. The key is to keep your instructors informed and prepare beforehand. We all want our students to be successful.

What if something unforeseen comes up and I get hopelessly behind?

Don’t wait until you are hopelessly behind; talk to your instructor as soon as you realize you’re in trouble. Your instructor may work with you and/or recommend an incomplete grade ( I ), which requires that you and your instructor agree on a contract that stipulates the work you must complete and the timeframe in which you must complete it in order for you to receive a grade in the class. Incompletes have to be resolved before you can be approved for graduation and definitely within one year of receiving the Incomplete grade.

You may not remove the Incomplete by retaking the course in another semester. Taking an Incomplete or withdrawing from a class is preferable to just quitting. If you give up and “walk away” from a class, you will receive an F, which will be calculated into your overall GPA. To learn more, review the Boise State Graduate Catalog that applies to your entry date for the appropriate policy information at: Boise State University Graduate Catalogs.

What happens if I fail a class?

If you fail a class, you may retake the class to improve your grade, but only once and only with the written approval of the Program Coordinator. Also, graduate students have to maintain a 3.0 or better GPA. If your GPA drops below 3.0 for any reason, the Graduate College will put you on academic probation, meaning you have a semester of grace in which to raise your GPA. If you should earn another low grade and your GPA remains below 3.0 for a second term, you will be administratively withdrawn from your program by the Graduate College. You may appeal for reinstatement to the Chair of the Department of Educational Technology if you don’t agree with the decision.

For further information regarding the consequences of a failing grade, please review the policies stated in your Graduate Catalog in the section entitled, “Graduate Academic Regulations”.

What if I have an unresolvable problem with my instructor?

Our instructors are very committed to your success. Please contact them directly if you have any problems that are interfering with your learning. If you are unable to resolve your problem directly with your instructor contact your adviser for assistance.

Can I transfer a course from another university while enrolled in the program?

We may be able to accept credits from other universities. Please work with an admissions adviser Dixie Conner at (619) 741-7748 or to create a plan to submit credits to us for consideration. Transfer credits must be approved by the associate chair of our department and the Assistant Dean of the Graduate College.
Transfer credits are limited to nine semester credits (14 quarter credits) for degree-seeking students and three semester credits (4.5 quarter credits) for certificate-only students. Please see the Transfer Credit Policy for more information.
Yes, but it’s not automatic. You need to submit an electronic Request for Approval of Transfer Credits (RATC) form along with the syllabus for each course that you’re requesting to transfer. This should be done early during the admissions process. The RATC form and syllabus are reviewed and if approved at the department level, are submitted to the Graduate College for final approval.
The Graduate College will notify you of the decision and, if approved, the transfer courses will be listed on your Academic Advisement Report in your Student Center.

Where can I find information on master’s programs, policy, procedures, appeals, etc.?

Your best source of information is the Graduate Catalog under which you entered the program. All of these catalogs are available in PDF format at the Graduate College web page: Graduate Catalog. Any questions that are not answered in the catalog may be answered by contacting the Graduate College directly at: or (208) 426-3903/-4204.

How do I know when to file the appropriate forms?

The following resources are available to help you know when to file the appropriate forms:

Where can I obtain more information on obtaining financial aid for graduate study?

The best source of financial aid information is the financial aid website at: Financial Aid and Scholarships Financial aid is different for graduate students than it is for undergraduate students. Our financial aid office has set up a page specifically for graduate students at: Graduate Student Information. Another resource to review is the Boise State Financial Aid Handbook.

How do I drop a course after the deadline?

University guidelines state: “Permission to drop a class after the announced deadline is granted only if you were passing the class on the day of the drop deadline, and only when warranted by extenuating circumstances that could not have been reasonably anticipated. These circumstances must be beyond your control, such as illness or employer-mandated changes in work hours that prevent class attendance. Documentation must be submitted with this application. Letters from doctors, ministers, or other professionals providing facts to substantiate your need to withdraw are required.”

You should begin your appeal process for withdrawal by downloading the Academic Appeal form from the Registrar’s Office. The form contains instructions for handling several different appeals that go to the University Appeals Committee.

Procedures vary according to the number of courses being dropped, time within the semester the drop is initiated and other factors. It is very strongly recommended that you talk first to an adviser at the Registrar’s Office, (208) 426-4249, so that you can follow the best course of action for your particular circumstances.

What is the semester GPA requirement?

The semester GPA requirement has been replaced. As a graduate student, you are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better throughout the program. Details are provided at the link: Academic Performance.

What if I need to take an incomplete in a course?

If you think that you might be eligible to request an Incomplete in a course, be aware that Instructors can enter a grade of I—for Incomplete—if both of the following conditions are present:

  • Your work has been satisfactory up to the last three weeks of the semester
  • Extenuating circumstances make it impossible for you to complete the course before the end of the semester

Even if both conditions are present, however, the decision to allow you to take an Incomplete lies solely with the instructor.

In order to receive an incomplete in a graduate course, you and your instructor must agree to a contract stipulating the work you must do and the time in which it must be completed for you to receive a grade in the class. The terms of this contract are viewable on myBoiseState under Your Student Center To-Do List. By the end of this specified time, the instructor must submit a grade. If no grade other than incomplete has been assigned one year after the original incomplete, the grade of “F” will automatically be assigned. The grade of F may not be changed without the approval of the University Academic Appeals Committee.

Contact the Registrar’s Office with questions about these other grading policies: (208) 426-4249 or

Where can I find information about academic deadlines?

The University Registrar Academic Calendar provides the official schedule of deadlines.
Deadlines are extremely important. We’ve had students show up for graduation who had not completed all the required paperwork and thus did not graduate until a later semester. You are the one ultimately responsible for knowing the requirements and completing them in a timely manner. We do all that we reasonably can to be sure that you are notified of upcoming deadlines; you can do your part by acting on those notifications and completing the required action. Deadlines are posted on our department social media as well.

What do I need to do after I have acquired 18 credits?

After completing 18 credits toward your degree, you need to:
1. Complete and submit the Admission to Candidacy Form (AAC). This should be submitted after you have completed 18 credits and before the published deadline on the Academic Calendar.
[Note: If you are pursuing a graduate certificate, you may also need to submit another Admission to Candidacy Form (AAC) for your certificate program, if you have not already done so.]

2. After the AAC form has been approved by the Graduate College, you may then follow the instructions at the link Apply for Graduation in myBoiseState. To do this, login to MYBOISESTATE, click on Student Center, then, under the Academics tab, click on the drop-down box containing the entry, “other academics…“, then select Apply for Graduation. The system will do a check to be sure you have the AAC form on file. During the application process you will be asked to pay a $25.00 diploma fee. You may use your credit card to do this. Be sure to check the deadline to apply for the semester during which you intend to graduate (see Academic Calendar).

3. Finally, you need to register for your culminating activity:
Register for EDTECH 592 – Portfolio, for all M.E.T. students following the Fall 2008 and later catalogs).

Information on these culminating activities is found at our Culminating Activities page. There is an online form linked from this page that allows you to Apply for Portfolio.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Paul Castelin at or (208) 426-1962.

How do I receive an academic requirement adjustment or substitute credits?

In order to revise your Application for Admission to Candidacy to show a change of electives, you will need to complete a Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (RATC) form.

How do I apply for independent study?

If you are interested in taking a Graduate Independent Study, please complete the Application for Graduate Independent Study. To increase the likelihood that your application is approved, the following need to be addressed:
1 Your independent study proposal must be negotiated with your supervising professor (a full-time tenure-track professor, not an adjunct), to ensure that your study is rigorous, academically appropriate, and suitably scaled.

2 The explanation of the proposed independent study must clearly state in detail what is to be done and the assessment method(s) that your supervising professor will use.

3 The proposal must state the specific deliverables that will result from the IS.

If these conditions are met, there rarely is any problem with approval by the Graduate College. Contact Paul Castelin if you have any questions: or (208) 426-1962.

What if I need to withdraw from the program?

Appeals for withdrawal should begin with the Registrar’s Office. The form that you need to submit along with instructions are online at Academic Appeal.
Procedures vary according to the nature of the appeal. It is strongly recommend that you first talk to an adviser at the Registrar’s Office, (208) 426-4249, so that you can follow the best course of action for your circumstances.

When are the thesis deadlines?

This question applies only to students in the Master of Science in Educational Technology program. Please see the Academic Calendar published by the Registrar and/or the Deadlines page on the EdTech website.

How do I keep track of my career progress and requirements?

You can keep track of your progress by going to your Academic Advisement Report on You also completed a Program Development Form (ePDF) upon entering your program that you can use.
The Online Academic Advisement Report (AAR) can be accessed through your myBoiseState account at: Academic Advisement Report, and can be used to monitor your progress during all stages of the degree attainment process.
After you login, navigate to Student Center, then, under Academics, click on the drop-down box with the entry other academics, then select Academic Advising Report.
· The final adjustments to the AAR are not done until your Application for Admission to Candidacy form is submitted after you have completed 18 credits in your program. At that time, any adjustments to the degree plan are posted on the AAR.
· Be aware that any credits you wish to transfer in must be documented on original transcript copies and approved by the associate chair and the Graduate College. The transfer credits will not be posted to your AAR until both the Candidacy form and all required transcripts are received by the Graduate College.
Detailed information on Graduate regulations and policies regarding the requirements of your program can be found in your Graduate Catalog. Catalogs are available online at: Graduate Catalog

How do I appeal an academic policy or requirement?

You have the right to appeal any academic policy or requirement of the Graduate College if either of the following conditions is present:

  • Extenuating circumstances make it impossible for you to comply with the policy or requirement.
  • An undue hardship would result from a strict application or interpretation of the policy or requirement.

Please note, however, that extenuating circumstances must be beyond your control and that an undue hardship must be a condition far more serious than simple inconvenience. Documentation will be required and the timeliness of the appeal will be taken into consideration. If you appeal an academic policy or requirement, that appeal will be reviewed by the Dean of the Graduate College and by the University Academic Appeals Committee, if appropriate. The form to use is the Graduate Appeal Form.

This section describes the requests that are specific to graduate students:
10.1 Request for an Exception to the Regionally Accredited Institution Requirement for Admission
10.2 Reinstatement to a Graduate Program
10.3 Extend the Duration of Study
10.4 Apply Courses Completed Outside of Graduate Policy

For more information about appeals and grievances, see the Boise State University Student Handbook and the Boise State University Policy Manual.

How do I change my certificate program?

It is strongly recommended that you discuss your plans with your EdTech admissions adviser at before you actually apply for admittance to a new certificate program to be sure that you understand how the change will potentially impact your costs and timeline. You may also be advised to contact the Graduate College at or (208) 426-3903.
If you are accepted into a certificate program and wish to change to another, after contacting an EdTech admissions adviser, go to the Graduate College website and submit a Program Change Request to change to the certificate program to which you wish to be admitted. If you have already submitted an Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) for the old program, you’ll need to resubmit the paperwork for the new program as soon as you have been admitted to the new certificate program. The new AAC will need to list the required courses for the new certificate. For any questions, please contact for guidance.

How do I change my degree program?

It’s strongly recommended that you discuss your plans to change your degree program with your admissions adviser before you actually initiate any changes. Email Dixie Conner ( to start the discussion. Information, including admissions links, is also available on the Graduate College Admissions webpage.

If you are already accepted into a degree program and wish to change to another, you’ll be required to submit a new application. Go to the Graduate College website and Apply for Admission to the degree program to which you wish to be admitted. There are specific links for domestic and international students. Say ‘yes’ to the question that asks if you have previously applied so that you are not charged another application fee. After receiving the new application, the Graduate Admissions office prepares a Program Admission Recommendation form and sends it to the Educational Technology Program Coordinator for approval. When it’s approved and returned to the Graduate College, they change the university database to list you in your new program.

If you’ve already submitted an Application for Admission to Candidacy form and other paperwork for your old program, you’ll need to resubmit the paperwork for the new program immediately after you have been admitted to the new degree program. The new candidacy form will need to reflect any changes in requirements (e.g., if the old program required EDTECH 591 and the new one requires EDTECH 592 or 593, the complete course list needs to be listed correctly.)

What are the steps in the final process leading up to graduation?

Once you’ve submitted an Application for Graduation for all programs to which you are admitted, then:
1. The Graduate College notifies the Registrar listing all AACs for eligible graduates.
2. After you apply for graduation via your student center in myBoiseState, the Registrar’s office matches candidacy forms with any academic adjustment forms and attempts to resolve any issues.
3. The Registrar notifies you by mail that you are either a valid candidate for the next graduating class or that you are missing something and your graduation is postponed. Letters are sent containing instructions for you to monitor their Boise State email for commencement details. Processing of student records is done in alphabetical order.
4. Grades are official at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester, there is a final records review in accordance with the Graduate College. Assuming no problems, final transcripts are ready about 6 weeks after the end of the semester. Students may request a letter from the Registrar stating that all degree/certificate requirements have been met. You may order final transcripts through your student center on myBoiseState, but be sure to check the Hold for Degree box.

Commencement Information RegaliaThe Bookstore sells regalia to graduates about six weeks prior to commencement. Caps, gowns, tassels, master’s hoods and announcements are available in the bookstore and online until graduation day. When graduates purchase regalia, each graduate receives brochures and information about what to do on graduation day (where to meet, timing, etc), how to become a member of the Boise State Alumni Association, coupons for purchases at the bookstore, and more.
– Candidates for the M.S. Educational Technology degree purchase the gold hood and tassel.
– Candidates for the Masters of Educational Technology degree purchase the light blue hood and tassel.

Ceremony – The ceremony is live-streamed over the Internet so that family and friends may watch the proceedings even if they can’t be physically present. Details about the live streaming video and the commencement can be found at: If you are coming to Boise to walk in commencement, please email to let her know.

How do I get a student photo ID?

To get a student photo ID card, please go to this link: How to Get a Bronco Card.

Do graduate certificates lead to teacher certification?

No, a graduate certificate program is limited in scope relative to a graduate degree program but provides an opportunity for advanced study with a particular focus. Successful completion of a graduate certificate program is a coherent academic accomplishment that leads to an official notation on your transcript. A graduate certificate can often serve as an intermediate accomplishment for a student whose ultimate goal is a graduate degree.

A graduate certificate should not be confused with a “teaching certificate.” These graduate certificates are not recognized by the state of Idaho (nor likely by other states) for purposes of teacher licensing. Rather, they are granted by the university as a way to demonstrate a specialization in a topic of study.

However, we do offer the K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement, which is recognized by the state of Idaho and results in an endorsement on the Idaho teaching license. Since the endorsement is so new, we have not yet established reciprocity with other states. See this page for more information on this endorsement.

How long will email account remains active after graduation?

Upon graduation, students may retain their Boise State email address provided they remain in good standing with the University.? See OIT’s page for more information.

How long can I access my work in BlackBoard and on the EdTech2 Server after graduation?

Students can access BlackBoard after graduation, however; instructors close their courses at the end of every semester. Therefore, students will have to ask permission from instructors in order to access a previous course.
Adobe’s Dreamweaver software requires a password in order to login and upload webpages. Students will have access to the Edtech2 server as long as their Boise State University email remains active after graduation.