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EdTech Graduate Student Association

The EdTech Graduate Student Association is a BSU Recognized Student Organization that started in 2009, and is open to all students and alumni in the EDTECH program.

We have four officers and provide outreach, mentoring and communication mechanisms for the benefit of prospective and current students. We also provide information to the Department of Educational Technology.

As a member of the Graduate Student Association, you’ll establish long-term business associations and friendships during and beyond the degree or certificate program.
Because our members live throughout the world, we use Moodle to facilitate asynchronous monthly meetings. These meetings last for seven days, allowing all students to participate and be involved with the EDTECH Department.

Moodle Link
Or go to and look for the GSA Portal link.

Joining the EdTech Graduate Student Association

To become a member, email the GSA secretary at Once your enrollment has been verified, you be sent an enrollment key from the GSA secretary by email.

Contact Us

To learn more about our organization, email us.