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EdTech grad rises from the ruins


Years ago, a studio photographer on the east coast reached out to us and said he’d been hired to teach photography at his alma mater on the west coast—with the proviso that he would earn a master’s degree.

He did. And in those days Boise State EdTech required a project instead of a portfolio. His was an excellent documentary video on the life of a pioneering wilderness photographer.

What happened next and what is happening now is a testament to the skills that Scott Miles learned at Boise State EdTech and blended with existing professional competence. And, he says, he continues to use those ed-tech skills every day.

What happened to Scott Miles?

First, his new expertise in technology-enhanced teaching was noticed and rewarded with a promotion. Within a year or so of graduating, he was named chair of his department at Brooks Institute, an iconic professional photography school in California.

Second, after close to a decade of teaching and leading at Brooks, he was given the opportunity—without precedence or blueprint—to develop a fully digital online master’s program in scientific and technological imaging.

His first cohort graduated just before the unimaginable happened.

According to, new owners of the for-profit school fired the president and closed the school last October.

Miles told us that “Many students in the other programs only had a semester or two to finish, but the new Brooks owners would not consider helping them finish. Some other schools in the area did offer to take these nearly finished students as transfers, and the faculty bent over backwards to help place students.

“I loved teaching at Brooks, and you could not ask for a better faculty, curriculum or learning environment to be part of.”

After the sudden shutdown, Miles said he applied for teaching positions at a number of colleges, but fall semester had already started and no one was hiring. So he did what perhaps he was meant to do.

What’s happening to Scott Miles now?

“I love producing photography and video, so I opened The Scientific Photographer to photograph collections for museums and private collectors and provide other cultural heritage imaging services.”

He recently completed several major projects, including photographing 700 artworks in two private collections. “It’s so satisfying to keep artists’ legacy alive by photographically cataloging their body of work. “

He’s also developing online professional development courses for scientific researchers and museum professionals. The courses will cover photography as a tool to support research and museum outreach.

To learn more about this EdTech alum’s new endeavor, go to and look at his photographs, watch the Focus on the Masters video that he directed, and sign-up for his newsletter, in which he shares helpful tips, interesting events, and stories that highlight photography, art, and artists.

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