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EdTech’s Lowenthal part of NSF grant on teaching math

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From left: Tatia Totorica, Michele Carney, Laurie Cavey and Patrick Lowenthal.

Boise State EdTech Associate Professor Patrick Lowenthall is part of a $1.6 million National Science Foundation grant to improve math education.

The four-year project will design and use video-based learning environments and online components to help prospective teachers better understand and respond to student thinking. This will make teachers better equipped to hone students’ informal and formal reasoning related to key mathematical ideas, including students’ thinking about functions.

The project is one of many examples of how educational technology can improve learning in all fields of study.

Other Boise State researchers include Laurie Cavey, an associate professor of mathematics, Michele Carney, an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction and foundational studies; and Tatia Totorica, a clinical instructor in the IDoTeach program. They are joined by Jason Libberton, a regional math specialist with Idaho State University.

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