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Going where no audience has gone before

Dr. Haskell shown speaking in an auditorium.

Dr. Chris Haskell speaking at a previous Google summit
–In his Star Fleet officer’s uniform, of course.

EdTech Assistant Professor Chris Haskell will deliver the keynote address Feb. 18 and 19 at the Carson City Summit in Carson City, Nevada, one of 164 regional Google events worldwide.

In his Star Trek officer’s uniform or not, Haskell’s upbeat TED-style delivery will neither look nor sound like a typical keynote speaker.

He will tell his audience of several hundred Nevada teachers that their dreams of a technologically driven world were originally manifest in the popular media of the past five decades. In fact, a detailed look back shows far more connection between science fiction and science fact than previously considered, especially as it relates to education.

And if you see him in Carson City, be sure to address him as Ensign Haskell. He’ll love it.

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