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Great Tech Tools—Students share their faves

We recently asked our students to list their favorite EdTech tools on our new Facebook group for students, “We are EdTech Boise State.”  They listed more than 20 favorites, and you can add yours, too, or ask questions about these tools or anything else.

Here are a few of their responses. Watch for more in coming days.

Elijah Alquist just wrote “screencasts” but Tyler Isbell specified Screencastify and Heather Askea suggested Screencast-O-Matic and Loom. All three share a number of similarities. Screen and video sharing are key tools in flipping classrooms and providing verbal feedback on assignments—that ought to be a time-saver. These tools also help students practice speech and foreign language skills.

Jonathon Richter recommended Slack, which is an email alternative for work groups. Teachers and administrators could have their own communication channel instead of cluttering the already cluttered email browser. Or teachers could communicate with online students without cluttering the email.

Julia Hill suggested Remind, which helps teachers reach out to students and parents—for example—to remind students of homework assignments over a long weekend.

Daniel Flynn’s favorite is Google Keep. Funny he should say that because Sarah Wicks recommends Trello. Both are equally popular phone-based reminders of things to do.

Alex Rosenleaf likes Near Pod. This menu-driven alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint does not have an audio recorder, but it does allow you to drop in student polls, open-ended responses, or several kinds of quizzes. Alex teaches U.S. History at the high school level, and this tech tool enables his lessons to be more interactive and engaging. He just started using it this year, but he’s liking what he’s seeing so far.

If you haven’t yet joined “We are EdTech Boise State,” please check it out. It’s a great place to share ideas, tools, ask questions of other students, and meet students in any of EdTech’s three degree programs and four graduate certificate programs. Here is the URL.

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