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Networking pays off for schools in Barbados

When Dwayne Best was a student in Boise State’s online educational technology master’s program, he contacted his advisor, Jerry Foster, whenever questions arose.

Dwayne graduated last December, but after futilely tilting his lance at a very large windmill over the past few months, he contacted his old grad school advisor at Boise State.

Dwayne, who works for the Ministry of Education in Barbados, had been trying unsuccessfully to get G-Suite tools for the 21 schools in his Caribbean nation, but someone at Google kept asking for proof that the public schools of Barbados were non-profits—even after the Ministry of Education had provided a letter of verification.

Dwayne’s EdTech advisor immediately reached out to Max Davis-Johnson, the university’s chief technology officer. Boise State is a G-Suite user, so the chief technology officer must know someone at Google, right?  He, in turn, reached out to Sarosh, an institutional account executive at Google. Then the request for help hop-scotched up the corporate ladder to Amerin, then to Edward, and finally to the attention of John Allen, Google’s eastern U.S. manager for K-12 education.

Need it be said?

Barbadian schools now have Google G-Suite tools.  ​

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