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by Thomas Robb, President
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Denise Reilley

EDTECH Branding Image Contest

The EDTECH GSA would like to recognize Denise Reilley as the designer and winner of the EDTECH Graduate Student Association Branding Image Contest. She designed five different logos for students to vote on. Approximately 80% of the votes went towards the final selection pictured above. For her work, the EDTECH Department will be sending her a $50 gift card for the Bronco Shop!

We have already posted the logo on our Moodle site, Facebook Page, and the first letter from the EDTECH GSA will be sent using the logo on this letterhead to Denise with her gift card.

When asked how she came up with the design, Denise said "Creating the logo for GSA provided me with a unique set of challenges since there were many restrictions on color and the inclusion of certain elements. I chose to use the graduation cap as a symbol for a graduate student since its meaning is universal to education and achievement. The circles represent students from across the globe enrolled in the Educational Technology program connected in virtual rather than physical space."

While I interpreted it slightly different as will other students, my point of including this was because of the vision Denise had as she thought through different elements of the design. Her metaphor of circles representing the connection of our students through technology are exactly what the GSA is starting to do.

There are some similarities between Denise's thoughts as she designed the image and thoughts I had when designing the Moodle site; that is to figure out "how" to connect and engage students using technology. If you have seen the site on Moodle you would see the only the tools, but with this image I think we now have a visual representation of what connected looks like. I look forward to continuing my role in helping to maintain this connectedness. In doing so, I strongly believe that we can continue to learn from each other in new and exciting ways.

As the first President, I would like to express how proud I am to be part of such a great college with such talented students. I'm also excited to have an image that represents EDTECH students and the unique way we are connected through technology.


Our third EDTECH GSA Meeting began March 19, 2010 at 8:00 pm. This month has a long agenda including review of the project sharing database (more on this under Moodle Updates), finalizing the mini-grant application packet, coming up with our mission statement, amongst a few other topics.

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference

The EDTECH GSA had a booth at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference on Second Life. Officers and volunteers built grab bags for conference attendees, passed out note cards, and more. We had plans to implement a survey. We built the tool with the help of the SL buildiers and Kae Novak; however, there were some technical glitches not realized until late Friday. As a result, we only had one person take our survey on the "Future of Education". Read more about this conference on our blog at EdTech GSA Blog

EDTECH GSA Officer Meeting

The officers met sporadically this month, but mostly met on Second Life and discussed the Virtual World's Best Practices in Education Conference. We also shared the mini-grant application packet and revised some of the language from the first draft. In addition, we appointed Elisa Gopin as the new Treasurer for the remainder of this year after Kristina's resignation last month. Finally, we decided Luke Meinert, our Vice President, will be facilitating March's GSA Meeting as Thomas will be attending the CSUN Conference in San Diego, California.

Treasurer Resignation Update

Elisa Gopin was appointed Treasurer this past month. An appointment of an officer is possible in the event of a vacancy. We appreciate her stepping up to the plate and helping us with our finances. Elisa has already began putting together a spreadsheet and began setting up procedures with the department for her new role as Treasurer.

EDTECH Department Meeting

Thomas Robb attended the March 2, 2010 meeting where he discussed the Mini-Grant Application Packet with faculty. He also demonstrated the Moodle portal to faculty members so they could get an idea of how the GSA conducts business and their progress in Moodle.

Recent Moodle Updates

When you login to Moodle, you will now see our Project Sharing in the Workplace database tool and Suggestions area. Both Thomas Robb and Elisa Gopin worked over the last month to set up this new tool. We are encouraging EDTECH GSA Members to contribute to this project with the hope that it will become a valuable tool for EDTECH Faculty as well as a resource for future students.

Joining the EDTECH Graduate Student Association

To become a member, simply join the course on Moodle. The enrollment key can be obtained by emailing the Techretary, Jennifer Donatelli,
at: To learn more about joining, please watch our animoto video at GSA Video

Don't want to join, but want to know what is going on? Join our group Facebook page at GSA on FaceBook

EdTech Showcase

We are pleased that Dr. Michael Spector has agreed to be a presenter for the EDTECH Showcase in April. Dr. Spector is the president of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Editor for Educational Technology Research & Development, and professor at the University of Georgia. He will be presenting on Wednesday April 7th at 11:00 a.m. MST.

You can learn more about the EDTECH Showcase at EDTECH Showcase events Or contact us at:

EdTech hires Hollywood Film Team

Brett Smith, who edited the Star Wars films and produced the trailers for the Lord of the Rings movies, has been hired to produce a short promotional video for the EdTech Department.

He and a colleague, Hunter McCann, were on campus in mid-March to shoot footage for the "trailer" that the department will post on the EdTech web site, on YouTube, and will screen at conferences.

They shot footage of iconic scenes that make Boise State visually unusual, such as the blue football field and the wildlands-looking Boise River that runs adjacent to the manicured Boise State campus. They also shot EdTech faculty members---and teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan---whose vignettes explain what makes EdTech academically exceptional in higher education.


Dr. Jackie Gerstein

Jackie Gerstein’s new Article-“Diversity Education: Engaging Pre-Service Teachers with Emerging Technologies” was published in the new ISTE SIGILT Innovative Learning ISTE SIGILT

Also Dr. Gerstein recently became one of the editors of EdTechTalk Weekly. EdTechTalk is a community of people interested in the use of technology to improve teaching and learning at all levels of education throughout the world. As a Worldbridges community, it embraces the values of collaboration and inclusiveness. The primary activity of the community is the production of a number of live, interactive webcasts. These programs cover a wide range of topics relating to educational technology. Shows are typically streamed live, and listeners can interact with one another and the show hosts through a text chat. Recordings of the shows are released as podcasts.

One of the goals in providing this newsletter each week is to make it convenient for our readers to quickly review the excellent ETT webcasts that have been posted in the previous week (in case you missed the live session). We just provide the links and highlights in the newsletter, but if you go to the actual link you not only will be able to listen to the recording, but you can read the chat log and additional information provided by the show hosts. Often there are links shared in the chat, videos, and other resources. Also many of the show hosts have created websites or Ning Networks to post additional information about their shows with an opportunity to continue the conversations. Here is the link for subscribing to the newsletter: Edtechtalk

Dr. Jackie Gerstein's; students' project Creative Web Tools For and By Kids - is featured on pg. 41 of The Amazing Web 2.0 Project Book The Amazing Web 2.0 Project Book This Book contains

  • 87 projects
  • 10 further resources
  • 52 applications
  • 94 contributors
  • The benefits of using Web 2.0 applications
  • The challenges of using Web 2.0 applications
  • How the folk who ran these projects handled the issues, and what they recommend you do if you run them
  • What were the learning outcomes?

Annie Jeffery

“Multi-user Virtual Environments for International Classroom Collaboration: Practical Approaches for Teaching and Learning in Second Life” chapter proposal was accepted for publication in the book Teaching Arts and Science with the New Social Media , edited by Charles Wankel, St Johns University, New York.

This chapter was written by EDTECH Instructor, Annie Jeffery, and Monash University Instructor, Scott Grant, and EDTECH graduate students -Howard Gregory and Jenny Wakefield. Scott Grant is an instructor from Monash University in Australia. Scott was an EDTECH 597 Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds student in Spring 08. Howard Gregory came from Kent State University specifically to take this class, and Jenny came from The University of North Texas majoring in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems - Teaching and Learning with Technology.

In 2009, they explored the potential of joint project work between two seemingly disparate courses; Social Network Learning in Virtual Worlds and Chinese Media Studies. Monash University has, for the past two years, utilized the social networking affordances of the online 3D virtual environment Second Life to enable students studying online Chinese media to conduct a series of media-like interviews with Chinese speakers from around the world. The Boise State University’'s graduate level Second Life course explored social media and social networks in virtual worlds as a tools for learning and incorporating various emerging technology tools to facilitate this process. The nascent BSU/Monash collaboration offered the BSU students an opportunity to take over the entire production process of a real world video project, producing the machinima for Monash University students and to collaborate within virtual world networks, both new and existing. This paper will present the findings and experiences of this international collaborative project involving both educators and the pioneering efforts of volunteer BSU learners.

Hardaker, G., Jeffery, A., and Sabki, A., in print, “Learning Styles and Personal Pedagogy in the Virtual Worlds of Learning”, which will be included in the work tentatively entitled “Style differences in cognition, learning, and management: theory, research, and practice”. London: Routledge

Style Differences in Cognition, Learning, and Management

Dr. Kerry Rice

Dr. Kerry Rice presented in February at ASCD ASCD

Rice, K. & Frey, B. (2010, February). PBL in cyberspace: Where constructivism meets technology. Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Rice and Dr. Connie Wyzard have been asked to speak at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland in May.

Nicolaus Copernicuc Univesity


From the Desk of Jerry Foster

No more culminating activities in summer.

After the Summer Term of 2010, EdTech students will no longer be able to register for culminating activity credits in the summers.

The new policy is actually an extension of a long-standing policy. Students cannot defend their theses in the summer because most faculty members who serve on capstone committees are not on campus in the summers, so they can't participate in the defense process. That's true of portfolio evaluations, as well. Students also need more time to create the portfolios than the eight-week summer session allows.

Students whose schedules are affected by the new policy will need to adjust the course schedule in their final semester.

From the Desk of Paul Castelin

May 2010 Grads - Thesis/Project Oral Defense deadline upcoming

If you are doing a thesis or project as a culminating activity, April 9 is the last day for final oral thesis or project defense for May graduation. Contact your faculty advisor for more details

Students are often unaware of how much information that they need can be found in the graduate catalog (your specific one is available online at: Graduate Calendars Topics of interest this time of year usually deal with Applying for Graduation, submitting other paperwork if needed, and Commencement. The link below will provide both specific information and university policy for your assistance.

FAQ Final Process Leading to Graduation

Click the links for more information

April 1, 2010

  • GSA Branding Contest Winner, Denise Reilley; EDTECH Showcase; EdTech Video
  • Faculty Publications and News
  • Information from Jerry Foster and Paul Castelin
  • Jobs, Mark your Calendars, Where we Are
English/World Language Instructional Supervisor & Math Instructional Supervisor Keystone National High School - online for middle and high school students.

School Director/Principal Connections Academy, Boise, ID.

Instructor - Online Educator Program Keystone National High School, Mission Veijo,CA.

Superintendent San Diego Unified School District, San Diego, CA

Chinese Instructors
Virtual Virginia, online program of Virginia Department of Ed.

Math Instructor

Contact Dr. James Hiebert, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Assistant Professor of Education St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI

Online Adjunct Instructor-Life Skills
Everest College Phoenix Online

Adjunct Faculty-Distance Learning
St. Joseph's College of Maine, Standish, ME

Instructional Designer
UMBC Training Centers, Baltimore, MD


9, Friday
Last day for final oral dissertation, thesis, or project defense for May graduation.

16, Friday
Last day to submit final signed copies of dissertation, thesis, or project to Graduate Dean's Office for May graduation.


15, Saturday

18, Tuesday
Grade reports due to Registrar's Office

18, Tuesday
Last day to submit Report of Culminating Activity form to Graduate Admission and Degree Services for graduate degrees to be awarded in May.

ISTE 2010,

June 27-30,
Denver, CO
ISTE 2010

American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting

Friday, April 30 - Tuesday, May 4
Denver, CO
AERA Annual Meeting


    Current EDTECH GSA Members

    We now have 34 members from all over the World! That is three more than last month (and now covers Turkey, Canada, Israel, and China)

    Thank you EDTECH GSA Members for joining our association and for your participation.

  • Lora Evanouski, Boise
  • Brenda Janot, Boise
  • Debrah Pantaleo, Hollywood, FL
  • Leslie Lott,Great Falls, MT
  • Linda Deneher, Twentynine Palms
  • Tara Bladow, Boise
  • Nancy Sipes, Falcon
  • Kelly Harmon,Istanbul,Turkey
  • Arthur Allen,Wallingford, CT
  • Denise Reilley,Palm Springs, CA
  • Matt Gross,Mays Landing, NJ
  • Cindy Magalio, Flemington,NJ
  • Elisa Gopin, Beit Shemesh Israel
  • Shannon Doak, Guangzhou, China
  • Steven Poast, Columbus, OH
  • Tanya Blakley, Chicago, IL
  • Kae Novak, Colorado
  • Skar Sato, Plano, TX
  • Dustin Summey, Russellville, AR
  • Kris Mesler, Boise
  • Paul Desmarais, Bethel, CT
  • Matthew Gudenius Napa, CA
  • Patrick Blunt, Newbury Park
  • Patricia Smeyers, Secaucus, NJ
  • Karen Kelly Nelson, B.C., Canada
  • Kimberly Gabelmann, Pompton Plains, NJ
  • Rita Repp Lewiston, Idaho
  • Thomas Hoover, Seneca, PA
  • Allison Yager, Moorpark, CA
  • Tracy Lloyd Nelson, Canada
  • Mark Borkowski, Boise
  • Marie Lawrick, Boise, ID
  • Dee Winegar, Boise
  • Gina Snow, Jacksonville

Kids with Computer

"How cool is this?" New Computer - Image by Google
Image provided by Google.

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