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Rohn Webb, GSA Mentor

Rohan WebbDo EDTECH Students need mentoring?

Rohan Webb is the Mentoring Officer of the Edtech Graduate Students Association (GSA). Rohan joined the GSA in spring 2010 and was elected as Mentoring Officer this semester. One of his primary responsibilities as mentoring officer is advising the executive committee on how to gauge student interest in the organization. He is also responsible for finding ways to engage students using social networking and helping in the development of the upcoming GSA Edtech newsletter. However, his most favored task has little to do with these responsibilities and instead focuses how he mentors his peers.

On the question of whether students in the Edtech program need mentoring, Rohan says, "I love the assignment of 'mentoring officer' but the title can be easily misconstrued. What I actually do as opposed to mentoring anyone, is try to improve the flow of information among students and between students, faculty, and staff." The GSA executive felt it was very important to help others by being available to help students as they enter the program or experience challenges while enrolled in the program. According to Webb, the sense of community "in our online environment will continue to improve" by having a peer provide relevant information and direct incoming students to available resources.

Rohan is originally from Jamaica and resides in Newark, New Jersey. He taught in the New York public school system and is using his experience and knowledge acquired in the MET program to develop his own Learning Management System (LMS) for elementary schools. He believes he is particularly suited for the mentoring position because he understands what it means to have a peer to ask any and everything. "When I came to the United States to attend university in 1987, I knew the name of the school I was going to attend and that was all. There were a lot of things that were alien to me." A fellow student he bumped into helped him to learn about the American educational system and American lifestyle. "I have never forgotten that and I have chosen to help my peers resolve challenges they may have by pointing them to the right resources."

The idea of students supporting each other was the driving force behind the development of a mentoring officer position. "We recognize that through our shared experiences, peers can teach and learn from each other very effectively." Through the efforts Rohan Webb and other members of the GSA, a successful peer mentoring network is evolving that is improving how informal learning is evolving online.

This is an opportunity for students in the EdTech program to network with peers through the GSA and use the resources that are available to them. For additional information about the role Rohan and other GSA executive members are playing, please visit the GSA portal in Moodle and EdTech GSA

Graduate Assistantships

Interested in a paid graduate assistantship in the Dept. of Educational Technology?

The Department of Educational Technology offers a limited number of full-time and part-time graduate assistantships each academic year, lasting from August to May. The GA application deadline is Feb. 1 each year. Applications are now open for the 2011-2012 academic year.

More information about the graduate assitantships can be found at: Graduate Assistantships

AECT News and Awards



EdTech faculty members, Lisa Dawley and Youngkung Baek, were recently presented awards at the annual meeting of AECT AECT. Dr. Dawley received a Presidential Service Award for her work to establish AECT's first university partnership (with the EdTech program at Boise State, of course!). The goal of the partnership is to get interested students connected to AECT early in their career by providing free memberships, among other benefits.. Dr. Baek was honored with the eCT Foundation's Robert deKieffer International Fellowship Award. More information can be found at:eCT Foundation The eCT foundation is explained at the bottom of the page above; it is the non-profit, fund-raising arm of AECT.

One of the major highlights at this year’s convention was the AECT-SL Library Dedication event held during the 2010 Convention in Anaheim. The library was originally erected in 2006 by Ross Perkins during his time at Virginia Tech University. After Dr. Perkins relocated to Boise State University in 2009 he moved the library from its original location off the SL mainland to C.A.V.E. Island, (sponsored by the Dept. of EdTech at Boise State). The extensive repository of teaching tools relocation is part of the ongoing efforts to increase Teaching and Learning accessibility to the members of the C.A.V.E. Island. A formal dedication of the library to affiliates of C.A.V.E Island, and AECT_SL was held at this year's convention.

SL Library


Lora Evanouski creates Boise State Video


M.E.T. student Lora Evanouski made a GSA video called “Campus Tour” as a way to cross- connect EdTech’s virtual campus with Boise State’s brick and mortar campus. Most EdTech students are scattered across the country and even the world, so most of them do not know what BSU looks like. This video was not done for a class. Lora, who lives in the Boise area, simply wanted to share the brick-and-mortar campus with other students and create a deeper bond and connection with Boise State. Enjoy!



Dr. Lisa Dawley and Dr. Kerry Rice

Lisa Dawley & Kerry Rice attended the iNACOL iNACOL Research Special Interest Group Planning Meeting, in cooperation with Nashville Metro Schools, in Nashville on Nov. 29-30. This group is planning their annual online education research initiatives to be supported through iNACOL and member efforts.

Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu

Dr. Hsu was invited as a discussant by AECT's Graduate Student Association to talk about "How to Make the Best of Your Conference Experience” at AECT 2010. In addition, Dr. Hsu was selected through a proposal competition to join BSU’s interdisciplinary m-Learning Scholars Program. Together with other m-Learning scholars, he will explore the exciting potential as well as issues related to learning and teaching with mobile technology. This program is co-sponsored by several campus organizations at BSU.

Dr. Yu-Hui Ching

Dr. Ching was selected as an m-Learning scholar among other 9 faculty members at BSU to explore the possibilities of mobile technology for learning and teaching. She also published a journal article with Dr. Hsu and other colleagues recently. The article is titled “Learning from animation: The effect of prior knowledge and navigation mode.” It was published in the International Journal of Instructional Media.

Dr. Dazhi Yang

Dazhi Yang was appointed as a member of the Editorial Review Board for the International Journal of Communications and Information Technology Education (IJICTE). IJICTE Yang's 3-year appointment will begin on January 1, 2011 and run through December 31, 2013. Yang joins a long list of scholars who are pursuing their personal and professional excellence in the discipline of teaching and learning with technology.



Academic Planner on Bronco Web

You can now plan your course schedule for future semesters on the Academic Planner in Bronco Web. This is a planning tool only and does not guarantee that a particular class will be offered in the desired semester. We highly recommend that you begin using this Planner immediately. It is designed to replace the hard-copy Program Development Form that most of you filled out and submitted to the Department at the beginning of your program.

From your Student Center click on the other academics drop down. Select Academic Planner and click the go button. When it is time to register for your next semester, you can register directly from your planner. Please take some time to read over the help document on this new feature in Bronco Web. If you have any questions, please contact one of our advisers.

Click Add a Class to Planner on this page. Add a class to Planner




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December 1, 2010

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Instructional Designer, Salt Lake City, UT

Specialist, Instructional Design Austin Community College

Instructional Support Developer Humbolt State University

Instructional Designer Office of Multiple Pathways to Graduation (OMPG) in the New York City Department of Education

Instructional Support Specialist Northwestern College, Bridgeview, IL

Instructional Designer 1Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

Online Course Designer/Developer Odessa College, Odessa, TX

Instructional Designer in the Department of Health and Public Administration Franklin University, Columbus, OH

Course Designer A.T. Still University, Mesa, AZ

Director of Curriculum DevelopmentIvy Bridge College of Tiffin University, Toledo, OH

Online Instructional Designer Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK


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Boise State Day at the Legislature Monday, January 24, 2011 9:00am – 11:30am

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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