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International Partnerships Update

by Dr. Kerry Rice, Department Chair

Dr. Mancheol Suh(left), president of Kongju National University and Dr. Martin Shimpf, Boise State vice president and provost.

Dr. Youngkun Baek led a team of representatives from Boise State on a visit to five Korean universities in October. Representatives included university Provost Martin Schimpf, College of Education Dean Diane Booth, Edtech Chair Kerry Rice, and Literacy Department Chair Stan Steiner. In all, five partnership agreements were signed with Korean Universities for the exchange of preservice teacher candidates and faculty. The first exchange could occur in Fall 2012. EdTech began conversations with three universities for implementation of dual degree programs and possible graduate student and faculty exchanges. Discussions will continue through the months ahead.

In a whirlwind trip, the team visited Kongju National University, Chungnam University, Chonbuk National University, Kyungnam University and Jeju University. In addition to university visits, the team met with government officials in charge of establishing the Jeju Global Education City which will encompass multiple complexes, all with a focus on communicating in English. This is an exciting opportunity for future international collaborations with the BSU College of Education.

Dr. Yunghwan Kim, dean of College of Education, Kongju National University
Dr. Diane Boothe, Boise State dean of Education
Dr. Mancheol Suh, president of Kongju National University
Dr. Martin Shimpf, Boise State provost,
and Dr. Stan Steiner, chair of Boise State's Literacy Department

Back row:
Dr. Kwangho Lee, vice dean, Kongju National University College of Education
Dr. Kerry Rice, chair of Boise State's EdTech Department
Dr. Hubert Pak, professor of English at Kongju National University,
and Dr. Youngkyun Baek, professor of Educational Technology at Boise State

Boise State EdTech Program Rated Top 10 in Country by Get


Top Ten Master's in Educational Technology

The EdTech Department at Boise State is proud to have made this list. Quoted from the article at the URL above, Get states, "After 23 years of reviewing online colleges, we'd pick one of these top programs ourselves if we were in search of the best online master's. Each degree is from a graduate education school we’d be mighty proud to list on our teaching resumes."

Dr. Ross Perkins Wins Presidential Award for Dedicated Service to AECT

Dr. Ross Perkins, assistant professor in Educational Technology, was presented with a Presidential Service Award at the 2011 conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology in Jacksonville, FL. Perkins was specifically cited for his work on behalf of the organization's International Division, where he just completed his term as the division's immediate past president.

From one of Ross’s students – Jennifer Pletcher

“I earned my degree in May of 2011. I wanted to take time to tell about the great experience I had with Ross Perkins! He was a wonderful mentor and professor. His readings and projects were constructed in a way that made me reflect on what I knew or had done and apply new principles to those. Ross structured projects that were unique and did not follow a predictable, mundane pattern, and he listened to the students' needs! He knew where the class was going, but would tailor projects to our needs. I felt confident that what I was learning was necessary for my career! Ross's feedback was constructive and provided guidance to better my work. I knew that if I earned an 'A' in his class or on a project that it was well deserved. Ross is an A+ professor!”


Moving to Moodle 2.0

by Dr. Barbara Schroeder

The EdTech Department will migrate to Moodle 2.0 right after the grade submission deadline for fall. We have been using Moodle since 2008, making the decision to move from Blackboard (supported by Boise State) to Moodle. We preferred Moodle over Blackboard for many reasons, but perhaps the main reason was simply having more control over how we could customize the user experience. Also, we felt (and still do) that Moodle offered a more constructivist, social environment for teaching and learning. The ability to see online participants instantly, messaging, and online chatting make the experience more engaging and interactive.

So now it’s on to Moodle 2.0, an even more customizable interface and active learning environment. For further information, please visit: Moving to Moodle 2.0

INGs Unsung Hero Grant

Each year, international insurance giant ING selects 100 educators to receive $2000 each to help fund innovative class projects. Three of those individuals will be chosen to receive awards of an additional $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000. All awards must be used to further the projects within the school or school system.

All K-12 education professionals are eligible to apply. Applications must be employed by an accredited public or private school located in the United States and be a full-time educator, teacher, principal, paraprofessional, or classified staff member working on a project with demonstrated effectiveness in improving student learning. To learn more, please visit ING's Unsung Heroes Grant.

EDTECH 501 Introductory Video

by Dr. Barbara Schroeder

This video is designed to help students understand the purpose of 501, its structure, and activities. Learn about the six major themes of this course: professionalism, ethical issues, technology trends, school technology evaluation, tech skills, and EdTech research. EdTech 501 Introductory Video


GSA News

GSA Logo

Dear Fellow Students,

I hope everyone is having a great fall semester! My name is Tanya Blakley, and I am the new president of the EdTech Graduate Student Association. I have been a Boise State student since Fall 2009. During my time in the EdTech program, I can honestly say that second to the valuable knowledge that I’ve gained has been my experience getting to know students from all walks of life.

The GSA provides opportunities for this to happen outside the construct of class while allowing us to share thoughts and ideas that shape our student experience.

I invite all new students to get involved as it will be your fresh ideas that keep the GSA alive. New students may also find it beneficial, as I did, to interact with more experienced students in the program. I was grateful for the informal mentoring I received on how to succeed in my studies.

To all of the current GSA student and faculty members, thank you for your continued support of our organization. We all are very busy and it is appreciated when members attend the online meetings. We have had somewhat of a slow start in terms of activities, but rest assured that we will make the necessary transition updates during the remainder of this year to prepare for a fruitful spring semester.

In the 2011-2012 school year, the GSA will continue to accept student applications to award the GSA Mini-grant. We also want to promote the submission of work products to the Project Sharing Database. This database can be a valuable resource to students who are currently starting where I was in 2009. In that spirit, I’d like to ask that each current member upload at least one project to the database at the conclusion of this semester.

I encourage you to participate in the GSA and EdTech departmental discussions; remember, this organization exists because of you. It is my hope that the EdTech GSA continues to grow and flourish as a community that connects us despite the miles between us.

On behalf of all the GSA officers, congratulations to all of the Fall 2011 graduates!

With warm holiday wishes,

Tanya Blakley

For information about GSA news or how to become a member, please see The EDTECH GSA Moodle Site.


Dr. Lisa Dawley

EdTech professor Lisa Dawley was quoted in a recent edition of Education Week.
Education Week

Dr. Jackie Gerstein

On November 15, Dr. Gerstein, an adjunct faculty member, presented Using Mobile Devices for Community and Team-Buildiing in Global Learning Collaborations at the Global Education 2011 Conference. The overview and slidedeck can be viewed at Overview.

Drs. Yu-Chang Hsu and Yu-Hui Ching

Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu and Dr. Yu-Hui Ching presented three papers on mobile social learning, mobile computer-supported collaborative learning, and Web 2.0 activity design and assessment at the fall's AECT Conference. In addition, Dr. Hsu presented a paper on augmented reality with EdTech alumnus Anthony Saba.

  • Hsu, Y. -C., & Ching, Y. -H. (2011). Mobile social learning in an online course: A mixed-method study.
  • Ching, Y. -H., & Hsu, Y. -C. (2011). Theory-grounded Web 2.0 Practices: A framework and a case study.
  • Hsu, Y. -C., & Ching, Y. -H. (2011). Mobile computer-supported collaborative learning (mCSCL): A review of experimental research.
  • Hsu, Y. -C., & Saba, A. (2011). Augmented reality for learning and teaching: A literature review of the state-of-the-art.

Dr. Kerry Rice

Dr. Rice presented twice at the Virtual School Symposium sponsored by iNACOL:

  • Rice, K., Mergendoller, J., & Frey, B. (2011). Project Based Learning in a Digital Age. Presentation at the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, Virtual School Symposium, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Rice, K., Hung, J. L., & Hsu, Y. C. (2011). Towards the development of a real-time decision support system for online learning, teaching and administration. Presentation at the International Association for K-12 Online Teachers, Virtual School Symposium, Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. John Thompson

Dr. John Thompson, an adjunct faculty member, presented a session, “Improve Learning with Effective Online Discussions,” at the Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning, at Orlando, Florida, on November 9, 2011.

Dr. Dazhi Yang

Dr. Yang presented two papers at the AECT conference (Nov. 7-Nov. 13) in Jacksonville, FL.

Here are the presentation titles:

  • Which Matters? Discussion Questions or the Assessment of Student Responses
  • The Influence of Organizational Shift of Mission on Faculty’s Use of Technology, with Caile E. Spear, Yong Gao, and Stacy Jorgensen in the Dept. of Kinesiology.


From Student Outreach Services

Portfolio Announcement: Students must submit their portfolio application and Application for Admission to Candidacy by December 4th to be guaranteed a spring semester seat in EDTECH 592–Portfolio. Portfolio Application.

EDTECH Connection Publication Dates: Beginning January 2012 EDTECH Connection will be published quarterly on the first day of January, June, August and November. If you have any suggestions for stories to include, please write to Dixie Conner.

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December 1, 2011

  • International Partnerships Update
  • EdTech Program Rated Top 10 in Country
  • Dr. Ross Perkins Wins AECT Presidential Award
  • Moving to Moodle 2.0
  • ING's Unsung Hero Grant
  • EDTECH 501 Video by Dr. Schroeder
  • GSA News
  • Faculty Publications/News
  • Information You Can Use
  • Jobs, Mark your Calendars

Technology Trainer Information Technology Assistance Center at Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Director of Instructional Design eTroy University, Troy, AL- please see link above, under the Professional/salaried link.

Instructional Designer ACS, A Xerox Company, Houston, Texas

Instructional Design Project Manager ACS, A Xerox Company, Niskayuna, New York

Learning Technology Support Coordinator Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Abu Dhabi, Other / Non-U.S., U.A.E.

Coordinator Online Campus/Online Campus Support Gwinnett County Public Schools, Atlanta, GA

Digital Learning Department Support Manager The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Seattle, WA

Instructional Design Specialist Florida Virtual School, Orlando, FL

Coord Online Campus/Online Campus Support Gwinnett County Public Schools, Atlanta, GA

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Position No. 141111008, Posting No. 00477 LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications - Dallas County Community College District Dallas, Texas


2, Friday

Last day for graduate, degree-seeking applicants for spring semester to have all admission materials received by Graduate Admission and Degree Services. Applications received after this date might not be processed in time to admit students to degree programs.


12, Thursday

Fee-payment deadline for registered students. Unpaid accounts will be assessed a $50 penalty. Students who do not plan to attend must cancel/drop classes by this date to avoid this penalty. For drop deadline dates, see Deadline by Session table.

16, Monday

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr./Idaho Human Rights Day holiday (No classes. University offices closed.)

17, Tuesday

Classes begin. Academic advising is available throughout the semester.

23, Monday

Last day for faculty initiated drops for nonattendance during the first week of the semester to be turned in to the Registrar’s Office.

23, Monday

Last day to apply for graduation, using BroncoWeb, for graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates to be awarded in May.

30, Monday

Last day to register or add classes, and last day to drop classes without a W and receive a refund (less $50 processing fee) for Regular session classes.

30, Monday

Last day to add graduate dissertation, thesis or project credit.

Congratulations December Graduates!

The EdTech faculty and staff are very proud of the department’s most recent graduates!

  • Mumina Abdullah
  • Jacob Agatucci
  • Alanoud Alotaibi
  • Vertoria Anderson
  • Ramona Aubert
  • Shaun Bass
  • Stephen Beaulieu
  • Travis Begley
  • Sarah Begley
  • Amritha Bhat
  • Latanya Blakley
  • Mark Borkowski
  • Stephen Clark
  • Ashlie Cox
  • Lori Crum
  • Steven Davis
  • Christina DeLeo
  • Robert Dunn
  • Abigail Eckel
  • Derrick Fisher
  • Daniel Flynn
  • Dominga Gardner
  • Traci Garff
  • James Gilbert
  • Elisa Gopin
  • Kelly Harmon
  • Jistine Harrison
  • Anthony Hetrick
  • Janat Hetrick
  • Thomas Hoover
  • Brian Hyatt
  • Cynthia Kennedy
  • Odessa Kirk
  • Cassie Koch
  • Ashley Leneway
  • Deborah Loeffler
  • Patricia McGinnis
  • Luke Meinert
  • Kristi Mesler
  • Helen Miller
  • Karen Novak
  • John O'Neill
  • Stephan O'Shaughnessy
  • Nancy O'Sullivan
  • Debrah Pantaleo
  • Tamela Parrish
  • Robert Peters
  • Justin Reeve
  • Thomas Robb
  • Francis Roberson
  • Scot Scherer
  • Jimmy Sellers
  • Nancy Sipes
  • Todd Sparks
  • Norma Jean Sprouffske
  • Melodee Sweeney
  • Christina Talley
  • Michelle VanLom
  • Shanda Veatch
  • John Waeltz
  • Stephanie Walden
  • Eric Warren
  • Stefanie Welty
  • Shane Wheeler
  • Angela Wilkes
  • Rebecca Wright-Washington



Happy Holidays!

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