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Welcome to Spring 2010 - an Exciting New Year

New_year_2010Greetings and welcome to the Spring 2010 semester in EDTECH! We are now beginning our second week of courses, and you should have started activities in your classes. If you have yet to begin, please contact your instructors as soon as possible.

It's looking to be another exciting semester in the department. We are in the process of hiring two new faculty who will start next fall. We're also planning 3D GameLab, a summer camp for teen leaders, and a new class in Mobile Learning this summer with Barbara Schroeder and Chris Haskell. Did you know mobile devices are predicted to overtake computers in accessing web-based content in three years?

Keep your eyes open for announcements of our EDTECH Showcase events this semester. We're so honored to be joined by Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE , Susan Patrick, CEO of iNACOL, and Mickey Revenaugh, VP of Connections Academy. The showcase is our live forum for sharing our work, whether you are a student, faculty member, or leader in the field. If you are interested in presenting on the EDTECH showcase and sharing with your peers, contact Farnoush, and to preview earlier Showcases click: EDTECH Showcases.

I'd also like to congratulate Tom Robb and the other officers on our newly approved Graduate Student Association! They have approved by-laws, and are now working to establish communication mechanisms and procedures for ongoing business. I encourage you to become a member of the GSA and share your input to help our program evolve. You can find more information on the GSA in our Moodle portal. Ross Perkins is serving as the faculty liaison to the GSA this year.

Finally, we'll be hosting a new student orientation (or for those that missed it the first time around) in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open for Paul's announcement of the date! And for those of you graduating this semester, good luck with culminating activities, and be sure to contact your faculty advisor if you have questions.

Warm wishes to you all for a successful, innovative, and energizing semester!

Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair
Dept. of Educational Technology
Boise State University

EdTech Dept.
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EDTECH Graduate Student Association

Thomas RobbThomas Robb, Graduate Assistant and President of Graduate Student Association

Thomas Robb, the EDTECH Graduate Student Association President, began attending Boise State University’s EDTECH Program in Spring 2009. Tom currently works for the West Hills Community College District in Central, California as an Educational Technology Specialist. Primarily, he is responsible for distance education faculty trainings, but also conducts workshops for students. Tom also works for Boise State University as a graduate assistant where he has been developing the Graduate Student Association in Moodle during the Fall 2009 Semester.

Tom graduated magna cum laude from Fresno Pacific University in 2005 with a BA in Education. In 2006, he began graduate school towards a teaching credential in Special Education before deciding to come to Boise State. He is currently a candidate for the Master of Educational Technology and the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching. Tom has been married for eight years to his wife, Susan, who is a special education teacher. He has three children, three dogs, and two guinea pigs. Tom enjoys camping on the beach on the beautiful Central California coast, as well as hiking and camping in Sequoia National Park.

It's Official - As of January 12, 2010, the EDTECH Graduate Student Association (EDTECH GSA) has become a University Recognized Student Organization. All URSOs must submit a governing document to the University for committee review and approval. The process is somewhat lengthy, but the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership provided considerable guidance throughout the process. We should be receiving a letter within the coming weeks from Charlie Varland, the director, that will let us know what benefits we will have as a URSO.

The EDTECH GSA wants to send a big thank you to Paul Castelin for getting our documents into their department on time and to Ross Perkins for being our advisor while we wrote our goals and objectives. We would also like to thank Charlie Varland and his staff for being patient throughout our application process.

Officer Meeting

The officers met on January 17, 2010 via Google chat to discuss upcoming Spring meetings and by-laws adoption. We voted on the Spring 2010 meeting dates at the first meeting. We also discussed ideas for a social gathering during the 2010 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education We began some brainstorming on ways that could best support our program's need to share projects that have had an impact in the workplace. We also discussed some funding possibilities and came up with questions about our budget. We will be posting these as discussion items at our upcoming meeting.

EDTECH Branding Image Contest

We have extended the deadline to submit entries for the contest until February 8, 2010. For details on this, go to
EDTECH Branding Image Contest

First GSA Meeting

Our first EDTECH Graduate Student Association meeting began on January 19, 2010 at 8:00 pm and ended on January 25, 2010 at 11:55 pm. All members were free to participate in our discussions as their schedule allowed. Our hope with this approach is that it will allow for a greater student voice within the Department of Educational Technology.

Our first agenda included a number of Standing Items and Discussion Items including an update on our group's Facebook page
EDTECH Graduate Association on Facebook
, log-in and search for edtech+graduate+association; discussions about the upcoming social gathering at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, and a discussion on ways to share our projects that have impacted our work.

EDTECH Department Meeting

Tom Robb, the EDTECH GSA President attended the first EDTECH Department meeting on January 19, 2010. The faculty are getting used to having a student presence at their meetings. There were discussions over faculty evaluations, professional development, and sharing of issues amongst administrative access in Moodle. Due to this being the first meeting of the semester, Tom did not report at this particular meeting, but plans to at subsequent meetings when possible.

Joining the EDTECH Graduate Student Association

To become a member, simply join the course on Moodle. The enrollment key can be obtained by emailing the Techretary, To learn more about joining, please watch our animoto video at To Join GSA Video

Don't want to join, but want to know what is going on? Join our group Facebook page at GSA on Facebook

Faculty Advisor

Thank you to Dr. Ross Perkins for continuing to act as our faculty advisor for the EDTECH Graduate Student Association. Ross is helping us develop goals and objectives for this semester and working with us on generating a way for students in the program to share their projects that have had an impact on their workplace.

Welcome New Members

  • Linda Deneher
  • Paul Desmarais
  • Elisa Gopin
  • Thomas Hoover
  • Kae Novak
  • Debrah Pantaleo
  • Denise Reilley
  • Gina Snow

EDTECH Showcase

The Educational Technology Department has started hosting live webinars in Acrobat Adobe Connect under the name "EDTECH Showcase." This is an opportunity for students, faculty members, and experts to showcase their portfolios, projects, research, or work in their area of expertise with the EDTECH community. The audience is your peers and instructors, and the recorded session will be publicly available on the internet.

We have been doing these showcases successfully for four months, and we still have the next four months to host your presentations.

If you are interested in this program please check out our web page EDTECH Showcase and send an email to the showcase coordinator, Farnoush Davis, at

Our next presentation in February is as follows:

Date: Thursday 02/11/2010 at 11:00 AM MT

Presenter: Susan Patrick, President & CEO, International Association for K-12 Online Learning iNACOL

iNACOL is the international K-12 non-profit organization to facilitate collaboration, advocacy, and research to enhance quality K-12 online teaching and learning.

Title: A Global and National Perspective on the Future of Education

Description: What does a world-class education look like? The advent of widespread technologies is changing what students need to know and learn in the 21st century to be prepared for a global, information-based society. Learn about the current and future trends for providing a world-class education for today’s students. Online learning is expanding options for educational opportunities, advanced coursework and programs that are otherwise unavailable for today’s students globally.

Idaho Virtual School Maven Blogs for Learning

A parent leader in the virtual public schooling movement – whose own two teens have benefited from quality full-time online learning through Idaho’s INSPIRE Virtual Charter School – has launched a helpful blog for families involved in all kinds of online learning. " Virtual Learning Connections " , written by Emmett, Idaho-based Carrie Jean Ross, offers regularly updated tips, activities, and inspiration for parents whose students are schooling online. Recent posts have focused on using candy in math instruction, dealing with procrastination, facilitating socialization and trying “upcycling” as a way to save both money and the Earth. Guest appearances by various Food Network celebrities and others round out the blog’s coverage, which is aimed at making online learning a satisfying and educationally effective experience for all. “I get lots of suggestions from parents and students about topics but love to hear from educators too,” says Carrie, who invites ideas at:

Mickey Revenaugh
Senior Vice President, Connections Academy


Dr. Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.

Jackie’s - K12 Online Conference 2009: Digital Writers' Workshop. The K12 Online Conference presentation, Digital Writers' Workshop, can be found at: Digital Writers' Workshop

Kids4Haiti - Saving the World One Wiki at a Time

Dr. Gerstein gets together virtually on a weekly basis with a group of teachers for conversations at Conversations This past week, they brainstormed how schools, teachers, and students can provide some assistance to Haiti. Through their conversation, they decided to start a Wiki, entitled, Kids4Haiti Kids4Haiti The overriding goal is for schools and/or classes to locate and support a school in Haiti through fund raising, connections, etc. Other goals for the wiki include sharing resources and ideas, and showcasing efforts that kids have made to help Haiti. You are welcome to join the wiki.

Drs. Kerry Rice & Lisa Dawley

What are they doing now?

Do you ever wonder what jobs our graduates have today? We asked our graduates to tell us about the jobs they have today. Here’s some of their stories. We think you’ll be inspired!

Scott Miles,
Professional Photography Program Director,
Brooks Institute,
27 East Cota Street,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone 805-455-1503

"I was promoted as a result of my MS in Educational Technology from Boise State University (in addition to my previous work experience). Prior to earning my EdTech degree, I had a BA in Professional Photography and had worked as a commercial photographer for 20 years. I returned to my alma matter, Brooks Institute, in 2002 to begin teaching photography classes.

I targeted the use of multi-media to enhance learning during my studies at Boise State University. Shortly after earning my MS degree, Brooks Institute embarked on the most major curriculum revision in over 25 years. Due to my degree, I was asked to serve as the curriculum revision facilitator. I spent about 8 months as curriculum designer, and then applied for the position of Program Director. I have served as Program Director for a few years now.

As a result of my studies at Boise State University, I was able to move from being a teacher and subject matter expert (photography) into becoming a better educator. My insight into education and technology lead to obtaining the position of Program Director. I doubt I would have been selected for the promotion without my MS from Boise State University. More importantly, I would not have been able to complete and implement the major curriculum revision had it not been for the skills and competencies I gained from my studies at BSU.”

Rachelle Moss

”I have a wonderful job that I never would have known about if not for my Masters degree. I teach high school government online for the Idaho Digital Learning Academy. I didn't even know IDLA existed until I came to Boise State for graduation in Dec. 2006. I was talking to one of my professors about how I wanted to stay home with my newborn baby and probably wouldn't seek out a job, and she told me I should definitely apply because I could teach from home. I applied and I got the job and have been working there ever since. IDLA prefers teachers that have a masters degree or higher, so I know having this degree helped me immensely. It also taught me a lot of things that are helping me be a better online high school teacher. Thanks!”

Kim Gabelmann

"A few months after starting the EdTech program, I was hired as Coordinator of Instructional Design at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I owe the program a big thanks because I am sure that's what helped me get my foot in the door.

I love working for FDU and really enjoy what I'm doing. My role requires me to develop and teach faculty workshops, assist faculty members in designing their blended and online courses, explore emerging instructional technologies, etc. It's great! I get to be creative, teach, and interact with the faculty.

When I first started, the entire University was just switching over to Office 2007. I had previously taught Office classes for the Continuing Education Department at William Paterson University, so I was asked to teach many of staff and faculty workshops. It was a great way to jump in and meet everyone. After a month straight of teaching Office 2007, I was able to teach it in my sleep.

In addition to my full-time position as Coordinator of Instructional Design, I have also taught an undergrad Computer Technology in Business Communications course.

It's been a blast! What's wonderful about our field of study, is that there are so many areas to step into. It's constantly changing, and usually exciting!"

If you are a graduate of our department and would like to share your story in future newsletters, please write to We are very interested in hearing from you.

EDTECH Library Workshop


If you missed the EDTECH Library Workshop with Sara Seely – In Adobe Connect Pro “7 easy steps to Successful Research” you can view the recording here: Library Workshop

Sara is our EDTECH Librarian, and she is a wonderful resource for all of us. Sara’s workshop covers the following:

  • Indentify and access key research tools
  • Describe the research process
  • Find help when you need it.
Click the links for more information

February 2, 2010

  • Welcome 2010; EdTech Graduate Student Association and Thomas Robb; EDTECH Showcase; Connections Academy; New Courses
  • Faculty Publications and Presentations;
  • Where are They Now?
  • EDTECH Library Workshop

Spring 2010

  • Glynda Pflieger, ID
  • Christina DeLeo, ID
  • Kimber Hess, ID
  • Joshua Thompson, ID
  • Scott Hogan, ID
  • Miranda Juza, ID
  • Dianne Johnson-Wojnicki, IL
  • Alison Ruoff, ID
  • Jason Villers, OR
  • Daniel Flynn, CA
  • Vertoria Lagroon, SC
  • Denice Liley, ID
  • Kenneth Headley, BC
  • Mumina Abdullah NC
  • Luella Swain, AZ
  • Heather Mitchem, FL
  • Peter Billman-Golemme, MA
  • Allison Yager, CA
  • Janat Hetrick, ID
  • Stephen Lazowski, OH
  • Joy Scott, NC
  • Michelle Jenkins, WY
  • Tammy Price, WA
  • Stephanie Walden, AL
  • Tyler Keefe, ID
  • Nancy O'Sullivan, IL
  • Dennis Lecker, PA
  • Agnes Walters, CA
  • Susan Tolivar, VA
  • Christine Jarvis, OR
  • Jimmy Sellers, SC
  • Mark Cook, CA
  • Derrick Fisher, DE
  • Janice Bezanson, CA
  • Donna Kruse, TX
  • Kara Godfrey, ID
  • Robert Cooke, VA
  • Jistine Goodfellow, CO
  • Shirley Melton, WA
  • Jason Janczak, IL
  • Jennifer Hornyak, WV
  • Justin Reeve, UT
  • Jody Humes, CA
  • Justin Raisner, CA
  • Matthew Gross, NJ
  • BriAnne Thompson, CA
  • Skar Sato, TX
  • James Gilbert, AZ


1, Monday
Last day to waive Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

1, Monday
Last day to register; add classes; change from credit to audit or audit to credit; and last day to drop classes without a W and receive a refund (less $25 processing fee) for Regular session classes. Pell Grant eligibility determined by number of credits registered on this date. For other session deadlines, see Deadlines by Session table.

1. Monday
Last day to add graduate dissertation, thesis or project credit.

5, Friday
Last day to file application with department for final master's or doctoral written exam.

15, Monday
President's Day holiday (no classes-University offices closed).


1, Monday
Last day to add graduate assessment, internship, independent study, directed research, practicum, readings and conference.

1, Monday
Last day to drop classes with a W or completely withdraw from the Regular session. For other sessions, see Deadlines by Session table.

1, Monday
Last day to submit Application for Admission to Candidacy form to Graduate Admission and Degree Services for graduate degrees to be awarded in August.

13, Saturday
Last day for written comprehensive exam for graduate degrees for May graduation.

29-April 4, Monday-Sunday
Spring Vacation.

  • ISTE 2010,

June 27-30,
Denver, CO

  • 2010 CUE Conference,

March 4-6,
Palm Springs, CA.




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