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Welcome to the Spring 2011 Semester at Boise State!

by Dr. Kerry Rice, Associate Department Chair

Kerry Rice

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the spring 2011 semester at Boise State! It has been an exciting year, full of change for the department. Personally, it has also been a year of change for me as I have moved into my new role as Associate Chair while Dr. Wyzard is on sabbatical. I have been busy learning the ins and outs of scheduling classes, approving new applicants into the program, and hiring and supervising the graduate adjunct faculty we employ each semester.

In EDTECH, our goal has always been to provide you the best educational experience possible and as we continue to grow our attention is focused more than ever on program improvement. I’m happy to be able to share with you some of the many new initiatives planned to improve your educational experience:

  • With the influx of talented faculty this year, as well as partnerships with other departments in the College of Education, we have many new and cutting edge course offerings in the semesters ahead: Introduction to Edutainment, Designing and Developing Mobile Games, Mobile App Development, International Issues in ICT, and Technology and Literacy just to name a few.
  • Dr. Young Kyun Baek is in the process of getting the new Educational Game Lab up and running on the third floor of the Education building. Supporting his work is visiting scholar, Dr. Seong Kang from the Korean Education Development Institute. Two doctoral candidates will arrive in the fall.
  • Student advising support is more comprehensive than ever with a staff of dedicated personnel at your service under the management of Kellie Branson.
  • The department Curriculum Committee is in the process of a comprehensive curriculum mapping and alignment process to ensure consistency across course offerings. New adjunct and faculty mentoring and support services will assist with this effort.
  • Despite the difficult economic times, we are more committed than ever to increasing the level of student participation in department research activities. The department continues to support a grant award for student research and presentations through the GSA, continues to offer travel stipends for graduate assistant research presentations, and encourages faculty to include students in grant writing and procurement activities.

Of course, we continue to search out the most qualified and effective faculty. I would like to take a moment now to introduce and welcome the newest additions to our highly qualified pool of adjunct faculty:

Teresa Grey-Dove Teresa Grey-Dove, Ed.D. is an Online Mathematics Instructor for Florida Virtual School and winner of the first ever 2010 National Online Teacher of the Year award. She received her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech in 2003. In 2007, she received her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in the area of Instructional Technology and Distance Education (ITDE).

Jennifer Freed

Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. has a background that includes six years of high school classroom science teaching, plus an additional nine years teaching online college courses in multiple disciplines. She received her doctorate in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University in 2009.


Susanne Flannelly

Susanne Flannelly, Ed. D. has twenty-seven years of online and face-to-face experience in K-12 and adult education emphasizing the use of technology in education. She received her doctorate in Instructional Technology and Distance Education in 1999 from Nova Southeastern University.


stacey deloose

Stacey DeLoose has a long history of experience in education at both the K-12 and adult level, primarily in computer applications and educational technology. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Wayne State University with additional certifications in Online Teaching and College and University Teaching.


Linda Kaiser

Linda Kaiser completed her degree this fall in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University. Her background is in LMS management and teaching college level courses in educational technology.

EDTECH is a thriving and active community that would not be possible without you and for that we are most grateful. If you are still a bit shy and perhaps lurking on the sidelines, we encourage you to join us in one or all of the multiple channels we have made available. We really do want you to be a part of our community!

I wish you all the best in the coming year,

Department Welcomes Dr. Young Kyun Baek

Dr. Baek Dr. Young Baek has set up an educational games research and development lab called Game Studio in the Boise State Education Building.

Work in the lab will focus heavily on games for smart phones. From their work in the Game Studio, Dr. Baek and his team will publish research papers on design variables of educational games. Dr. Seongguk Kang of the Korean Educational Development Institute has already joined Game Studio, and three doctoral students are expected to join in August, 2011. UCUBE., a well-known educational software developer in Korea, is exlporing a partnership agreement with BSU to support the Game Studio.

Dr. Baek is now teaching his first Boise State course this spring, Introduction to Edutainment, which provides an overview of instructional elements in technology-based edutainment, such as cartoons, TV programs, movies, digital games, and smart phones. Learners in the class will then research practical applications of edutainment in classroom settings.

Dr. Young Baek earned a Ph.D. in education from Georgia State University in 1988. After returning to Korea, he served as a senior researcher at Computer Education Research Center, attached to Korean Educational Research Institute. Since 1991, Dr. Baek has been teaching educational technology at Korea National University of Education. In 2009, he developed the Virtual English Adventure, a simulation in Second Life.

His research interests are educational games, simulations, and mobile devices in education. He has presented several papers at SITE and NECC on gaming and simulations, and has published two books on educational games and has written several book chapters:

  • “Gaming for Classroom-Based Learning: Digital Role Playing as a Motivator of Study,”
  • Co-authored “Digital Simulations for Improving Education: Learning Through Artificial Teaching Environments,” published by IGI Global.

His book chapters include:

  • “Design of an adaptive mobile learning management system based on student learning styles” in Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation For Mobile Technology;
  • “Revealing New Hidden Curriculum of Digital Games” in Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education (IGI Global), and
  • “Pre-service teachers teaching practice in Second Life”, in 3D Virtual World Learning Handbook (Emerald Publish, Bingley, UK).

California Virtual Academies Teachers Continue Training

Fifty-one California Virtual Academies teachers have begun the second phase of a customized professional development program with Boise State University’s EdTech Department. The group is studying basic and advanced online teaching and, later this spring, technology integration.

In addition to academic degrees, the EdTech Department creates customized professional development solutions for schools and districts.

Professional Development


Association for Educational Communications and Technology, AECT, a major educational technology professional organization, has recognized the CAVE partnership between AECT and the Dept. of EdTech on the home page of their website. Read more here: AECT

They have also sent out a call for organizational support for our department as an exemplary case in the upcoming National Educational Technology Plan, a publication of the US Dept. of Education. Our collaboration with AECT is an excellent model of university programs partnering with professional organization to support more effective teaching, learning, and research.


Dr. Lisa Dawley, Dr. Kerry Rice, Glori Hinck

Lisa Dawley, Kerry Rice, and recent MET graduate Glori Hinck attended the Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE) in Honolulu on January 4-7 and presented a poster session “Going Virtual! 2010: Status of Professional Development for K-12 Online Teachers”. This conference provides an opportunity for academicians and professionals in all areas of education from around the world to learn from each other.

Drs. Andy Hung, Yu-Chang Hsu, Kerry Rice

Drs. Andy Hung, Yu-Chang Hsu, and Kerry Rice were awarded a grant from Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) to analyze student survey and online learning patterns data. The goal of this project is to provide recommendations for developing effective teaching and design strategies, and generate a model for early signal detection of student learning behavior.



From Student Outreach Services

Summer registration opens Feb. 22

Students should mark “Registration!” on their calendar, signifying the beginning of summer registration on Feb. 22. EdTech courses fill quickly, so it is imperative to register as soon as possible. Last fall, all beginning core courses were filled in about 30 days.




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February 1, 2011

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  • Dr. Young Kyun Baek
  • CAVA Training Update
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  • Congratulations Graduates, Welcome New Students, Jobs, Mark your Calendars, Upcoming Conferences

We are so very proud of your accomplishments, and feel grateful for the honor of working with you in your educational career. Please stay in touch, and let us know how you are doing. Best regards for great success!

  • Todd Anderson
  • Jane Cooley
  • Kayla Cox
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  • Christine Keavy
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Welcome our new spring 2011 students

  • Nathanael Arbuckle
  • Brandon Asbury
  • Jason Brunken
  • Nathaniel Carney
  • Travis Cherry
  • Robert Collins
  • Bret Crane
  • Martha Cryer
  • Tracy Dalton
  • Victor De Bouchel
  • Jodene DeVan
  • Haley Dixon
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  • Deborah Schepp
  • Scot Scherer
  • Robert Selzler
  • Carrie Shannon
  • Adam Smith
  • Norma Sprouffske
  • Trevor Takayama
  • Brianne Thompson
  • Dan Vandenhauvel
  • Catherine Vanover
  • Douglas Vass

Half Time Online Instructor San Diego County Community College District, San Diego, CA

Two Information Technology Consultants California State University, Chico, CA

Instructional Designer Penn State University, University Park, PA

Head of Academic Servcies, Oxford, UK, Pamoja Education

Instructional Design Service Manager Oxford, UK, Pamoja Education

Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Virtual High School Global Consortium (VHS, Inc.), Maynard, MD

Education Specialist SAS Institute

Director of Online LearningPortland State University, Portland OR

Educational Technology Coordinator Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Adjunct Faculty South University, Tucson, AZ

Director of Networking & Telecommunications Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD

Reference/Emerging Technologies Librarian (Assistant Professor)Nevada State College, Henderson, NV

Instructional Design Specialist Ventura County Community College District, Ventura, CA


15, Tuesday

Free Application for 2011-2012 Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) priority filing deadline for new and transfer students. Students who will begin enrollment at BSU during the Fall 2011 semester should transmit the FAFSA, including any required signature pages, by February 15, 2011. New and transfer students who meet this deadline will automatically be considered for most need-based scholarships and tuition waivers and will receive priority consideration for certain grant, loan, and work-study programs.

22, Tuesday

Registration opens for summer 2011 semester.


15, Tuesday

Free Application for 2011-2012 Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) priority filing deadline for continuing students. Deadline for submitting Supplemental Scholarship Application. Students attending BSU Spring 2011 and who plan to continue attendance during the 2011-2012 academic year should transmit the FAFSA or renewal FAFSA, including any required signature pages, by March 15, 2011. Students who meet this deadline will receive priority consideration for certain scholarship, grant, loan, and work-study programs.

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