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Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship

Online Education We are pleased to once again accept applications for the Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship. The annual scholarship awards $3,132, the equivalent cost to complete a full certificate, or three courses of study. Applications are due annually on March 15, and the scholarship must be used anytime between July through May.

Sean was a dedicated teacher of at-risk youth in Florida, and graduated from the Master's in Educational Technology program in 2008. He was extremely proud of his accomplishments, and had dreams of continuing his efforts to support at-risk learners and pursuing doctoral studies. It was such a pleasure to meet Sean in person at graduation, and see his enthusiasm and pride. Several weeks after his graduation, Sean passed away due to a shooting that occurred during a robbery. The department established the scholarship in Sean's honor in the hope that we could encourage the continuation of his dream, and support other enthusiastic, dedicated educators in the Master's program to achieve their goals.

Scholarship requirements:

  • Currently enrolled Master's degree student (MS or MET)
  • 3.5 GPA minimum
  • Completed 12 or more units of Master's program
  • Career experience or goals of working with at-risk youth


  • Write a letter detailing your qualifications and interest in the scholarship. Financial need will be considered, but not a deciding factor in awarding the funds. We are particularly interested in supporting individuals currently working with at-risk children or teens. Explain how your degree will help you achieve those goals.
  • Include your name, student ID number, email, and address
  • Submit your letter to

All applicants will be notified of final decisions by April. with questions

"The Boise State University EdTech Master’s Program was an example of what kind of a reward a person can earn if they are willing to work for their own educational dreams." Sean Ellenberger, 2008

Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship


EDTECH Graduate Student Association

EDTECH Graduate Student Association News - February 2010

EDTECH Branding Image Contest

Our branding image has been selected by students! We are currently clearing usage with the BSU Communications and Marketing Department An email has been sent to their department head for approval. Once we've obtained approval, we will announce the winner and put the branding image on our Moodle site, Facebook site, and other places, where appropriate. Look for the winning logo in next month’s newsletter.


Our second EDTECH GSA Meeting began February 16, 2010 and ended February 23, 2010 at midnight. We had a number of items on our agenda for discussion including our budget, by-laws, a new academic honesty policy, affording EDTECH students mini grants, and sharing our project developed in the program for future students.

We also made some key decisions. We voted on more specific by-laws that will provide us more direction with how we do business. In addition, we have formed our first committee that will be responsible for rewriting and making our by-laws more solid as we continue to develop. Also, we decided that we will be using Moodle to facilitate sharing of projects that have had an impact on the work environment. Work on this project will start within the next two weeks with the help of some new members.

Our last topic of discussion was the upcoming Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference that takes place March 12-13, 2010 on Second Life. With the help of Chris Haskell, we are hoping for more volunteers, but were able to have good discussion on this topic. Four EDTECH GSA Members have volunteered to assist Kae Novak with the conference as a way to promote the EDTECH Graduate Student Association. We are trying to organize a meeting where we can discuss the possibility of making T-Shirts with our new branding image where all volunteers will wear the T-Shirt at the conference!

EDTECH GSA Officer Meeting

The officers held a meeting on February 6, 2010 where we discussed ways to gain greater participation in February 2010 Meeting. We agreed that we needed to vamp up promoting the meeting, and our efforts seemed to have paid off. We now have 30 members, and many of them participated in the discussion boards and/or voted on our action items. What we did was send faculty an email asking them to mention the EDTECH GSA in their courses. We also shared information within classroom discussion boards. Lastly, we posted multiple announcements, both within Moodle and within the GSA Portal Site. We also used the messaging tool to easily communicate with every student that has "joined" us on Moodle. We are hoping that our presence on the main Moodle Portal page will help (you can see us right at the top). In addition to this, we discussed the branding image contest, funding ideas, and our new budget.

Treasurer Resignation

Due to the resignation of our treasurer, the EDTECH Graduate Student Association is looking for volunteers for this officer role. Ideally, the person would have a background in accounting or a related field, but we will consider any person interested. If you are interested in getting involved, please email

EDTECH Department Meeting

While no officers were able to attend February 2010's EDTECH Department Meeting, we were able to use the minutes to update students with the happenings within the department. A new academic honesty policy was a topic of discussion. EDTECH GSA Members posted comments to Moodle giving their input on that policy. Those comments were forwarded to Dr. Snelson for review.

Recent Moodle Updates

The moodle portal site was recently rearranged based on suggestions by several students. Some highlights are below:

  • Reorganized certain areas so they show on the home page (meeting discussions, etcetera)
  • Added an area for New Member Introductions (discussion board)
  • Added some new areas at the top for committees and document links.
  • Renamed the roles of "Students" to "EDTECH GSA Members" (which have the role of student in Moodle)
  • Using a Snapvine Account, we embedded html into the home page where students can phone in their suggestions for the group.
  • Added an area under "Meetings" where members can add an item to the agenda.
  • Rearranged discussions into their various areas (New Member intros were moved into new area, discussions related to By Laws or Committee areas were moved there, and topics related directly to our meetings were moved into their respective areas. The hope was that it would make things a little more organized for our meetings and other needs.
  • Coming soon to Moodle - an area to share projects that have had an impact in the workplace!

Current EDTECH GSA Members

We now have 31 members from all over the United States! Thank you EDTECH GSA Members for joining our association.

  • Linda Deneher - Twentynine Palms
  • Kris Mesler -Boise
  • Denise Reilley - Palm Springs, CA
  • Leslie Lott -Great Falls, MT
  • Elisa GopinBeit - Shemesh
  • Tanya Blakley - Chicago, IL
  • Matt Gross Mays - Landing, NJ
  • Karen Kelly Nelson - B.C.
  • Lora Evanouski - Boise
  • Kimberly Gabelmann - Pompton Plains, NJ
  • Kae Novak - Colorado
  • Tara Bladow - Boise
  • Rita Repp - Lewiston, Idaho
  • Thomas Hoover -Seneca, PA
  • Cindy Magalio - Flemington,NJ
  • Patrick Blunt - Newbury Park
  • Allison Yager - Moorpark, CA
  • Tracy Lloyd Nelson
  • Patricia Smeyers - Secaucus, NJ
  • Skar Sato - Plano, TX
  • Arthur Allen - Wallingford, CT
  • Kelly Harmon - Istanbul
  • Steven Poast - Columbus, OH
  • Paul Desmarais - Bethel, CT
  • Mark Borkowski - Boise
  • Matthew Gudenius - Napa, CA
  • Marie Lawrick - Boise, ID
  • Dee Winegar - Boise
  • Debrah Pantaleo - Hollywood, FL
  • Gina Snow - Jacksonville
  • Dustin Summey- Russellville, AR

Joining the EDTECH Graduate Student Association

To become a member, simply join the course on Moodle. The enrollment key can be obtained by emailing the Techretary, Jennifer Donatelli, at: To learn more about joining, please watch our animoto video at GSA Video

Don't want to join, but want to know what is going on? Join our group Facebook page at GSA on FaceBook

EDTECH Showcase

We would like to update you on our EDTECH Showcase events. Unfortunately, on February 11th we had to cancel a presentation due to a last minute technical problem. The speakers were Susan Patrick, President & CEO, and Allison Powell, Vice President, from the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). We apologize for the inconvenience to our participants. We are going to reschedule this presentation. As soon as the new date is set, we will announce it via Moodle.

Please follow up our events and updates! EDTECH Showcase events

or and send an email to the showcase coordinator, Farnoush Davis, at


Dr. Lisa Dawley

Dawley, L. (2010, February). Preparing teachers and students in a global digital era. Invited keynote address at the Texas Education Agency Educational Technology Conference, Austin, TX. (Presented to 150 deans and teacher educators from around the state of Texas).

Dawley, L. (2010, February). Teaching in the virtual world. Invited presentation at Lakes Country Service Cooperative, Fergus Falls, MN (presented to 45 superintendents, principals, and technology teachers in the western region of Minnesota).

Dr. Lisa Dawley gave an impressive presentation to the Senate Education Committee on our programs in Educational Technology. She also responded to questions and it was clear that the Senators were amazed at the innovative contributions that the Department of Educational Technology, College of Education, and BSU are making to global education.

And, Dr.Dawley, professor and chair in the Department of Educational Technology, has been elected as Chair-elect for the Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning (ARVEL) SIG, affiliated with the American Educational Research Association.


New Course For Summer

Summer 2010 – EDTECH 597: Mobile Learning: Devices, Applications & Pedagogy, requires iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPod Nano

Online Education

New Portfolio Presentation

with Dr. Chareen Snelson


Dr. Chareen Snelson has updated her very informative portfolio presentation to include text captions for the hearing impared.



From the Desk of Paul Castelin

Those of you who are admitted to one of the three Masters degree programs offered by the Department should download the specific degree checklist for your program. The checklists have been developed to help you stay on top of deadlines; know when and how to submit forms, and where to find resources you need.

You can find the directory of checklists at:

Directory of Checklists

Please let Paul Castelin know if these guides are of help to you.


"What new classes would you like to see offered in the future?"

Click the links for more information

March 1, 2010

  • Sean Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship; EdTech Graduate Student Association; EDTECH Showcase; New Course
  • Faculty Presentations and News
  • Portfolio Presentation
  • Information from Paul Castelin
  • EDTECH Survey


1, Monday
Last day to add undergraduate internship and independent study

1, Monday
Last day to add graduate assessment, internship, independent study, directed research, practicum, readings and conference.

1, Monday
Last day to drop classes with a W or completely withdraw from the Regular session. For other sessions, see Deadlines by Session table.

1, Monday
Last day to submit Application for Admission to Candidacy form to Graduate Admission and Degree Services for graduate degrees to be awarded in August.

13, Saturday
Last day for written comprehensive exam for graduate degrees for May graduation.

29–April 4, Mon–Sun
Spring Vacation


9, Friday
Last day for final oral dissertation, thesis, or project defense for May graduation.

16, Friday
Last day to submit final signed copies of dissertation, thesis, or project to Graduate Dean's Office for May graduation.

  • ISTE 2010,

June 27-30,
Denver, CO

  • 2010 CUE Conference,Booth 514

March 4-6,
Palm Springs, CA

  • 2010 Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) Conference, Booth 801

March 2-5,
Seattle, WA




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