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3D Game Lab Camp
for Teens

July 12-30th Teen Gamers



Ages 13-17. Boise State University, Education 220 computer lab, 1-4 PM, Monday through Friday. $295, day campers only. Limited registration up to 24 players. Teens collaboratively play and build in 3D games and virtual worlds, reflect on their experiences for learning and leading, and develop skills in video production by creating a YouTube series for other kids, teachers, and parents. Sponsored by the Department of Educational Technology. Get more information and register online at GameLab Camp

EdTech's Computer Game Camp to Explore Learning and Leadership

An EdTech-sponsored 3-D GameLab this summer will immerse Boise-area teenagers in playing, competing, and reflecting about what makes us learn.

As voluntary activities, games have to be fun and engaging, so understanding the way video games keep players interested while learning the game and its interface may suggest ways our schools can frame instruction in meaningful and effective ways.

As many as two dozen teens--ages 13 through 17--will play three hours every weekday for three weeks (July 12-30) and will discuss games, game types, play-styles, etc., to understand what gaming is, what it does, and where it fits into American society. Through the context of games, internationally recognized leadership mentor Derrick Boles will help students recognize their leadership skills as expressed through gaming abilities and media production skills.

Chris Haskell and Lisa Dawley will lead the camp in the College of Education's second-floor computer lab at Boise State.

"Successful games teach us to play in the manner we learn best." - Katrin Becker, University of Calgary.

EDTECH Signs Partnership Agreement with AECT

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EDTech has recently signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the Association of Educational Communications & Technology, becoming AECT's first university partner! AECT develops the standards on which our program is accredited, and is known as a national leading organization in the field of instructional design and educational technology. A main emphasis of the partnership agreement is to provide free membership to our students upon entering their master's or doctoral program, so they can begin building professional linkages in the field, get free publications, and annual conference information. Similar agreements are being developed with iNACOL and ISTE. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming announcement inviting you to choose your free membership with these professional partners!

GSA News

by Jennifer Donnateli
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Congrats Graduates

The ED-TECH GSA would like to wish all the graduates congratulations and best wishes on all their upcoming endeavors! Keep us updated on the facebook group, EDTECH Graduate Student Association of Boise State University.


Our fourth EDTECH GSA Meeting began April 20, 2010 at 8:00 pm. We had a long agenda including review of the project sharing database (more on this under Moodle Updates), finalizing the mini-grant application packet, coming up with our mission statement, amongst a few other topics.

EDTECH GSA Officer Meeting

The officers met sporadically this month, via Skype. We also shared the mini-grant application packet and revised some of the language from the first draft.

Recent Moodle Updates

When you login to Moodle, you will now see our Project Sharing in the Workplace database tool and Suggestions area. Both Thomas Robb and Elisa Gopin worked over the last month to set up this new tool. We are encouraging EDTECH GSA Members to contribute to this project with the hope that it will become a valuable tool for EDTECH Faculty as well as a resource for future students.

Joining the EDTECH Graduate Student Association

To become a member, simply join the course on Moodle. The enrollment key can be obtained by emailing the Techretary, Jennifer Donatelli,
at: To learn more about joining, please watch our animoto video at GSA Video

Don't want to join, but want to know what is going on? Join our group Facebook page at GSA on FaceBook

EDTECH Showcase

by Farnoush Davis

We had a great year on the showcase. See our archive of sessions here EDTECH Showcase

This is the last call to present in the showcase this academic year, otherwise, we look forward to starting up in September!

Please contact us at Farnoush Davis


Dr. Lisa Dawley & Dr. Kerry Rice

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education Vol. 17, No. 4 0 (October 2009) The Status of Professional Development for K-12 Online Teachers: Insights and Implications, Kerry Rice & Lisa Dawley, Boise State University, USA abstract

Richter, J. & Dawley, L. (2010). Creating context for educational research in virtual worlds: An invitation to dialogue. International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations, 2(1).

Dr. Chareen Snelson

Dr. Snelson presented a paper on interactive machinima at the 15th annual TCC online conference. TCC Online Conference 2010| Program TCC Online Conference, 2010


From Paul Castelin

New Waitlist System to Begin Fall 2010

Waited too long to enroll in your classes and now they are full? Waitlisting is being piloted in BroncoWeb for graduate students in the EdTech program for Fall 2010. There are sure to be questions, so please go to the link provided by the Registrar's Office for a series of FAQ's! Waitlist FAQs

The waitlisting system should be a boon to our students because it is inherently fair and provides assurance of being notified of available seats if you qualify (by having required prerequisites).

Last Summer for Culminating Activities

All students, regardless of which degree program that you are in, are required to complete a culminating activity such as thesis, comprehensive exam, or portfolio. Summer 2010 is the last SUMMER session that culminating activities will be accommodated. Culminating activities require intensive work that isn't achievable in the short time frame that summer provides.

What this means for all of you is to spend a moment to check your Program Development Forms to see that you are taking into account the change above. If you find that you have scheduled a culminating activity during a summer session in 2011 or later, now is the time to make the change to your schedule. You don’t need to send an updated Program Development Form to the Department, but do let me know of the change.

From Jerry Foster

CS5 Adopted by Department as of Fall 2010

As you may know, Adobe has recently released CreativeSuite 5 and the department will begin integrating this version of the software in our courses beginning Fall 2010. Here are two links for purchasing Academic Superstore or JourneyEd

When available, instructors will still provide instructions for CS4, but keeping up with the latest versions of a software is part of the unique issues we face as educational technologists. As a reminder provides basic video tutorials for free on hundreds of software applications.

Rob Elliott, MET Student, Visits Kenya

Rob and his wife, Lauren, currently live in Quatar, and they celebrated their first anniversary in an incredible way; they took a safari tour through beautiful Kenya. They spent their time in various nature reserves throughout the country, constantly in awe of the wildlife and scenery that they discovered. Some highlights of the trip included: watching a cheetah race across the savannah trying to catch a gazelle, elephants by the hundreds so close they could hear them tearing the grass from the ground, a lioness carrying her cubs around in her mouth, being welcomed into a Maasai village, meeting and touching a blind black rhino named Baraka (blessing in Swahili), and having a male lion walk directly past their van. It was a trip they will never forget, and an anniversary that is going to be pretty hard to top next year! 

Here are two photos of their trip.
Lioness and Cub

Elephant and Mt. Kilimanjaro

Our New Promotional Video - Enjoy!

EDTECH Boise State University
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May 1, 2010

  • 3D Game Lab Camp for Teems; AECT Partnership; GSA News; EDTECH Showcase
  • Faculty Publications and News
  • Information from Jerry Foster and Paul Castelin
  • Jobs, Mark your Calendars, Upcoming Conferences
  • Congratulations Fall 09 and Spring 10 Graduates
  • New promotional video
Online Instructor, Business Finance or Accounting University of Phoenix

Principal Connections Academy, Elkhart, KS

Educational Technology, Associate Professor Florida Gulf Coast University

Distance Learning Specialist Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA

Online Teachers Zulama


Mercury Online Virtual Academy, Riverside, CA

Teacher/Academic Dept. Chair - HS English, History, Math, Science and more Laurel Springs School K-12, Ojai, CA

Instruction Specialist
Connections Academy, Baltimore, MD

Content Developers
Hampton Roads Virtual Learning center

IT - Subject Matter Expert
Florida Virtual School

Online Adjunct Teachers
Virtual Virginia, Virginia Dept. of Ed.

Online Adjunct Teachers
Virtual Virginia, Virginia Dept. of Ed.

Moving Beyond Earth Gallery Coordinator
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s National Mall Education Division, Washington DC. Michael Hulslander


9, Sunday

Weekend University classes end.

10-13, Mon-Thurs

Final semester examinations for the Regular session (exam schedule listed on BroncoWeb).

14, Friday

Residence halls close (Noon)

15, Saturday

18, Tuesday
Grade reports due to Registrar's Office

18, Tuesday
Last day to submit Report of Culminating Activity form to Graduate Admission and Degree Services for graduate degrees to be awarded in May.


3, Thursday

Fee-payment deadline for second 3-week, first 5-week, second 8-week, and 10-week sessions. Unpaid accounts will be assessed a $50 penalty. Students who do not plan to attend must cancel/drop classes by this date.

10, Thursday

Last day to apply for graduation, using BroncoWeb, for graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates to be awarded in August.

15, Tuesday

Summer Pell Grant eligibility determined by number of credits registered on this date.

21, Monday

Last day for final oral defense of dissertation, thesis, or project for August graduation.

24, Thursday

Fee-payment deadline for third 3-week session. Unpaid accounts will be assessed a $50 penalty. Students who do not plan to attend must cancel/drop classes by this date to avoid this penalty. For drop deadline dates see deadline by session table.

Online Teaching Conference, June 16-18,
San Diego City College, San Diego, CA
Online Teaching Conference

ISTE 2010, June 27-30,
Denver, CO
ISTE 2010

American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting
Friday, April 30 - Tuesday, May 4
Denver, CO
AERA Annual Meeting

Congratulations Fall 09 Graduates!

  • Jessica Adkins MET, OT
  • Michael Alfred MS
  • Melissa Avery MET
  • Jason Brown MET, OT
  • Lynne Burnham MS
  • John Craig MET
  • Thomas Craig MET, OT
  • Stacey De Wet MET
  • Deborah Eisenach MET, TI
  • Leon Flemmer MET, STC
  • Mark Frank TI
  • Kimberly Gabelmann MET, OT
  • Crystal Gasell MET
  • Rachel Gensburg MET, STC
  • Randy Hawkins MS
  • Dianne Kelm MET
  • Denise Knowles OT
  • Marie Lawrick TI
  • Suzanne Negus MET
  • Jeffrey Rooks OT
  • Nicholas Satterfield MET
  • Carmelina Sears MET
  • Marilyn Shief MET
  • Casey Susan MET, STC
  • Olya Taran-Orthober OT
  • Edith Dawn Tush OT
  • Mitchell Wendorff MET
  • Jill White MET
  • Congratulations
    Spring 2010 Graduates!

  • Abrahams, Michelle – M.S.
  • Baquero, Nelson – MET
  • Buzan, Michael - MET
  • Coleman, Scott - MET
  • Crawford, Jayne -MET
  • Desmarais, Paul - MET
  • Donatelli, Jennifer - MET
  • Ebert, Andrea – MET
  • Frey, Christopher – MET
  • Herman, Barbara –MET
  • Kilner, Robert – MET
  • Leitner, Stacy – MS
  • Lewis, Lauryl – MET
  • Lloyd, Benjamin - MET
  • Repp, Rita – MET
  • Showalter, Jeffrey – MS
  • Specht, Patrick – MET
  • Storck, Jennifer- MET
  • Suter, Mark –MET
  • Uriarte, John – MET
  • Wendorff, Mitchell – MET
  • Wicks, Deborah – MET
  • Winegar, Dee – MET
  • Zedek, Ilene – MET

    Let's go to Game Lab Camp!
    Piano Lab

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