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EDTECH Opens Cutting Edge Classroom to Prepare Digital Age Teachers

EdTech Lab

In August, Boise State's Educational Technology department introduced a technology rich new classroom space to aid in the preparation of pre-service teachers on campus. Utilizing new MacBook laptop computers, the space replaces the old traditional lab classroom and shifts the paradigm of a computer lab teaching environment. Equipped with modular (rolling) desks, the new classroom quickly conforms to meet the needs of the students.

"We're not locked into factory rows", remarks instructor Chris Haskell, "If we need to break students into groups, the desks and laptops can be reconfigured in seconds."

In the center of the classroom, a SMART Board with "short throw" projection serves as the instructional hub. Students regularly interact with the intelligent surface by manipulating software, web-pages, and documents through its touch interface. Using the "Airliner" remote pad, instructors and students can interact with the device from across the room. In conjunction with the SMART software tools, the instructors utilize a BlueTooth microphone to fully record lectures, walkthroughs, and presentation as seen on the SMART Board. Those presentations can then be distributed to iTunesU for later viewing and reference. The room also supports web-streaming of lectures, an integrated document camera, and instructor sound amplification.

The room is the collaboration of The College of Education and the Department of Educational Technology who see the future of computers in education as a flexible affair. According to Dr. Barbara Schroeder, designer of the lab, conventions that may have been appropriate even 5 years ago do not fit the learning characteristics of digital natives. Schroeder believes that, regardless of teaching specialization, technology must still be a vehicle for information literacy, collaboration, and most importantly student creativity and innovation.

"We are teaching 21st century skills," adds Haskell, "Our teacher candidates need to know how to employ software and technology to maximize learning and engagement. How can we expect this unless we can demonstrate it?"

The new lab is located in room E-220 in the Education Building and tours are available upon request.

News for New Students: Application Deadlines

The Department of EDTECH is implementing an admissions deadline in its primary graduate program for the first time in the department’s 21-year history.

M.E.T. applicants must now submit all of their admission requirements 45 days before the start of classes to be guaranteed seats in EDTECH 501 and 502. (December 5th for spring 2010, April 23rd for summer 2010).

M.S. and Ed.D. application deadlines are Sept. 15 for spring semester, Feb. 15 for summer, and April 15 for fall.

We do accept students up to one week prior to the start of classes, provided there are open seats available in courses. See the academic calendar at

Classes fill quickly, so please apply early and register immediately after you receive your student ID number.

In addition, students who need financial aid must have all paperwork (application, transcripts, program development form, and essay) submitted 45 days before classes begin, or we cannot guarantee you will receive funding in time for the upcoming semester.

The department currently limits enrollments to 65 new M.E.T. students and five M.S. and Ed.D. students each semester.

EDTECH Faculty Search

The Boise State Department of EDTECH is recruiting for two additional professors at Assistant or Associate level who have demonstrated exceptional achievement and potential in teaching and research.

Successful candidates will hold an earned doctorate in EdTech or related discipline, will be experienced in instructional design and teaching online and face-to-face. Besides satisfaction, the job pays between $53,000 to 65,000 per 9 month contract, provides an excellent benefits package; $10,000 research start-up funding, relocation support, graduate assistant support, and opportunity for summer teaching and grant work.

The positions in Boise State’s largest and fastest-growing graduate program could start in January or August. For detailed information on these job opportunities, go to

Educational Technology Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam is only required for students in the M.S.Ed. and the Master of Educational Technology program (M.E.T.), if you were admitted prior to fall 2008. Students admitted to the M.E.T (portfolio) and M.S.E.T. (thesis) as of fall 2008, are not required to take comps.

Comprehensive exams are taken in the last semester of study, AFTER all core courses are completed. If students are enrolled in at least one elective course during the semester in which they take the comp exam, there are no fees and no credits associated with registering for the comprehensive exam.

If you find that you have left a core course until your last semester, you will have to wait to take your comp exam during the following semester. You must then enroll and pay for 1 credit of EDTECH 600 (currently $348), because Boise State requires students to be enrolled in the semester in which they graduate. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance to plan your program of studies early to avoid the extra cost and delay!

More information and application for the Comprehensive Exam can be accomplished at

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Castelin


Cory Plough

Cory Plough, one of our most recent alumni, co-authored an article about social networking at Odyssey Charter School. It was published last month in TechTrends. Congratulations, Cory!

Dr. Kerry Rice

Kerry Rice, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, published in July, 2009 in the Journal of Educational Technology and Society: Priorities in K–12 Distance Education: A Delphi Study Examining Multiple Perspectives on Policy, Practice, and Research.



Chris Haskell

Special Lecturer

Chris Haskell

The faculty spotlight this month illuminates the career of Chris Haskell, an exceptional EDTECH graduate who teaches EDTECH 202 while working on his doctorate.

Several EDTECH grads plan to apply for the new doc program next spring and fall, but Haskell is the first to begin the College of Education's hybrid doctoral program in which most EDTECH credits roll over into the doc program.

Haskell has a strong attachment to Boise State. He began as a music education major and varsity cheerleader—that’s where he met his wife, Ali—and taught band seven years in Ely and Reno, Nevada. He began the Ed Tech master’s program in Reno, but completed it in Boise as assistant director of the university’s Blue Thunder Marching Band. After earning his master’s degree, he was hired as a full-time instructor for undergraduate students. But he can’t get away from the music. He also teaches a head-turning pep band at a local high school every morning before biking to work at Boise State.

Haskell, a self-described geek and co-host of Ed Tech’s Cool Teacher Podcast, said he was always sharing cool stuff with Visiting Professor Barbara Schroeder, so they decided to produce a podcast for 202 students, then realized they needed to share this stuff with all teachers.

The Cool Teacher Podcast @ USTREAM - The Cool Teacher Podcast is a weekly series that brings you the tips, tricks, and trends that make your classroom a cool and engaging place. Listen to hosts Chris Haskell and Barbara Schroeder from Boise State University, as they discuss their latest finds, insights into the use of technology in the classroom, and answer your listener questions.

The winner of our Ed Tech flash drive contest is Benjamin Lloyd.

He was the first person to submit the correct answer along with his source - The U.S. Department of Education report, "Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies", in which evaluators A.G. Picciano and J. Seaman "estimated that more than a million K-12 students took online courses in the school year 2007-08.";

We expect that number to rise to approximately 2 to 3 million over the next few years.

Congratulations, Benjamin! And, thanks to all of you who participated in this contest. Look for new contests to come in the next issue of this newsletter!

Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media Guide


Milton Chen, Executive Director of the George Lucas Foundation, which publishes , has given us permission to share its new Ten Top Tips PDF. Chen wants to get this document into the hands of as many teachers as possible. He states,"It is a valuable resource to help you make the most of new media during the 2009-10 school year - covering everything from how you can use iChat and Twitter to lesser-known tools like VoiceThread and Wordle."

And, Chen goes on to say, "But that's just the beginning - this 13-page Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media guide provides many more succinct and practical ways to turn your classroom into a 21st-century learning environment. And each tip includes a wealth of Web sites and additional resources to help you deliver the relevant and meaningful education all students deserve."
Click the Read More links for more information

October 1, 2009

  • Department Information: New Deadlines Set; Faculty Search; EdTech Opens New Lab; Comprehensive Exam
  • Faculty Publications: Cory Plough; Dr. Kerry Rice
  • Faculty Spotlight: Chris Haskell
  • Flash Drive Contest Winner, Edutopia's Ten Top Tips


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