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Welcome to Fall 2011!

Kerry RiceGreetings from Dr. Kerry Rice, Dept. Chair


Yes, it’s that time again – the beginning of a new academic year at Boise State University. Change is afoot once again in EdTech where we never seem to be able sit still!

First, the really BIG news (drum roll please)…. after many years of hard work, the Idaho State Board of Education has granted approval for the new online Doctorate in Educational Technology!! Many thanks go out to all of our faculty and staff who have worked so diligently on making this a reality. A special thanks goes to Dr. Ross Perkins who took on the role of Doctoral Program Coordinator last year with the express purpose of seeing this through to fruition – at last. You can read more here *New Doctoral Program builds on Educational Technology Success

We’ve been very busy over the last three years in the policy arena, working with the state of Idaho to develop a set of K-12 Online Teaching Standards and this past spring, the Idaho Legislature also adopted an endorsement in K-12 online teaching. In August the Idaho State Board of Education approved the Edtech proposed program of study for the endorsement. We are now officially, a state approved program for the Idaho K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement. I will be so excited to see the first cohort of endorsed K-12 online teachers exit our program!

If you haven’t heard, Lisa and Chris hosted their first cohort of teachers in 3D Game Lab this summer. And from what I’ve been able to tell, it was a rousing success. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that 3D Game Lab engenders the same intense commitment experienced when you participate in any gaming environment. If you have the opportunity, you absolutely must try it!

I'd also like to congratulate Dr. Chareen Snelson on her new position as associate chair. Her leadership is greatly appreciated.

I don’t know about you, but my feelings during the first days of school have not changed one bit from my first day attending kindergarten. I love the anticipation of learning something new, the anxiety of not knowing how much I don’t know, and the joy at meeting up with old and new friends. What’s really amazing is I get the same feelings whether I’m starting a face-to-face class or one that is delivered online! May you experience that same sense of joy and anticipation as you enter this new school year, rekindle old friendships, meet new friends and engage in your learning in the most interesting and wondrous ways.

Warm regards,

Kerry Rice
Associate Professor and Chair

*Media Contact: Mike Journee, University Communications, (208) 426-1517. Mike Journee


K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement

The Idaho State Board of Education voted last week, and we are now an officially approved program for the K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement! There is a prescribed program of study which we will get posted on the website. In the meantime, below is a list of possible courses to meet the requirement. Keep in mind that this endorsement is competency-based which allows for much variation. A matrix of how the evidence for each of the performance indicators is aligned with each course might help K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement. If other courses produce similar artifacts, they could potentially be used as evidence. Dr. Rice will be discussing various options with the Idaho State Department of Ed as EdTech gets this ball rolling. The intent, though, is to begin advising immediately for students interested in the endorsement. Please contact either Jerry Foster or Dixie Conner for more information.

The possible courses to meet the requirements:

  • EDTECH 502**: Internet for Educators (3 credits)
  • EDTECH 504: Theoretical Foundations of Educational
  • Technology (3 credits)
  • EDTECH 512*: Online Course Design (3 credits)
  • EDTECH 521*: Teaching Online in the K-12 Environment (3 credits)
  • EDTECH 523*: Advanced Online Teaching (3 credits)
  • EDTECH 597: Social Network Learning (3 credits)
  • EDTECH 597: Internship (2 credits)

*Indicates required courses for the previously approved nine- credit Online Teaching Certificate offered through the Department of Educational Technology.

**Recommended course for the Online Teaching Certificate for students who are not enrolled in the Master’s of Educational Technology graduate program.


Dr. Chareen Snelson named Associate Chair of the EdTech Department.


Dr. Chareen Snelson, Associate Chair

Senior admissions advisor Jerry Foster calls Snelson an instructional design genius because of her vision and dedication to student learning.

“Her finger prints are all over this program,” he said, noting that she transformed Internet for Educators into a strenuous web-development course while still teaching educators how to integrate internet research into any content area.

She developed and taught the YouTube for Educators course because she recognized that teachers, even in face-to-face classrooms, need a methods course in making video tutorials and video-based demonstrations.

She also developed and taught the Instructional Message Design course, which this fall has been renamed Graphic Arts for Learning, as well as the department’s ePortfolio course, which in recent years has become the culminating activity for Master of EdTech students.

Snelson, a former junior high school math teacher, earned her doctorate from Boise State in 2003. She has presented and published her scholarship prodigiously since 2003.

Welcome New Adjunct Faculty and Staff


Lora Evanouski, Adjunct Faculty

Lora received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Indiana University. She taught three years and then accepted management opportunities to develop and train corporate employees. After her successes with major corporations, she wanted to refine her skills and returned to school at Boise State University. She earned the Master of Educational Technology and Online Teaching Certification. Lora has been creating web and message design for the past three years. Contact Lora at Lora Evanouski.

Mike Fuller, Adjunct Faculty

Mike and his wife Kerry have been happily married for 11 years. They have two sons (Sam-10 & Jake-8), a dog and a newly acquired rabbit. They live in Nampa (just west of Boise).

Mike enjoys working with the EdTech Department. He was a graduate assistant for his first 2 1/2 years, assisting Dr. Barbara Schroeder in teaching and developing EdTech 501 and conducting research with Dr. Connie Wyzard. He became an adjunct instructor in the summer of 2010, teaching EdTech 504. This fall is his second semester teaching as an adjunct.

Mike earned a M.A. in Education, Reading, from BSU in 2008 and finished the course work for a Certificate in Online Teaching. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Boise State’s Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction. Contact Mike at Mike Fuller.

Patrick Lowenthal, Adjunct Faculty and Instructional Designer

Patrick Lowenthal recently moved to Boise from Colorado and is working part time as an Academic Technology coordinator at CU Online at the University of Colorado Denver. He also just began working part time as an instructional designer in Boise State’s EdTech Department. In Patrick's free time, he is a doctoral student studying instructional design and technology. His research focuses on instructional communication, with a specific focus on social and teaching presence. In addition, he often writes about issues and problems of practice related to post-secondary education. He has an MA in Instructional Design and Technology as well as an MA in the Academic Study of Religion. Patrick has been teaching and designing instruction since 1998 and teaching online since 2003. Learn more about the work Patrick is doing at Patrick's website Contact Patrick at Patrick Lowenthal

Dr. Cathy Morton, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Cathy Morton received the Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University in 1993. Doctoral studies emphasized strategic planning and development. She received a Master of Arts in Mass Communications in 1989 and a General Studies Degree, with an emphasis in public administration, technical writing and mass communications, in 1984.

For the past eight years, Dr. Morton has been program coordinator for the Rolling Plains Educational Technology Consortium, a consortium of seven public school districts in rural West Texas. For seven years, Dr. Morton served as Coordinator of Planning and Development at Education Service Center Region 17 and was responsible for the development of the Region 17 Interactive Video Network.

In March 2001, Dr. Morton was recognized by the Texas Distance Learning Association for Outstanding Commitment to Excellence and Innovation in Distance Learning for her work in the development of the Region 17 Network. In April 2000, she was recognized by students and teachers in Region 17 for her work in developing the Region 17 Cisco Networking Academy. Dr. Morton teaches grant writing workshops for districts in Region 17 and for service centers throughout the State of Texas. She has authored grants generating more than $22 million for school districts in Region 17 in the past five years. Contact Cathy at Cathy Morton.

Ilene McEnroe, Administrative Assistant II

Ilene McEnroe

Ilene received her BA in business administration, concentration in management, from College of Idaho in Caldwell. She recently moved from Arkansas where she worked at Walmart Stores' corporate offices as a business analyst in the Real Estate Finance Department and at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville in the Student Life Department. She’s an active alumnae volunteer with Gamma Phi Beta Sorority serving as a chapter advisor of 30 women for the College of Idaho collegiate chapter. Her educational ambitions are to continue her studies in business by obtaining an MBA degree. You can contact Ilene at Ilene McEnroe.

Ferijala Balic, Administrative Assistant

Ferijala Balic Ferijala was born and raised in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1998, she came to the United States to live; she also lived in Munich, Germany. She has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Graphic Design for Web and Print from College of Southern Idaho and a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography from Boise State University. She enjoys walking on the greenbelt, reading, cooking, bicycle riding and traveling. You can contact Ferijala at Ferijala Balic or 208/426-4008

Stephen Foster, Technical Records Specialist

Stephen Foster Stephen is finishing up his BA degree this fall in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. He enjoys reading, writing, music, cycling, skiing, and hiking with his dog. You can contact Stephen at Stephen Foster or 208/426-4008.





GSA News

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Students and alumni are invited to stay in touch and get involved whenever possible. EdTech’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a great starting point for connecting with leadership opportunities.

Joining the EDTECH Graduate Student Association

To become a member, simply visit EdTech GSA website for information and instructions. and watch our animoto video at GSA Video

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Drs. Yu-Hui Ching and Yu-Chang Hsu

Drs. Yu-Hui Ching and Yu-Chang Hsu published a paper in the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology on assessing Web 2.0 practice in teaching and learning and a case study exemplifying the assessment of a collaborative concept mapping activity with Web 2.0 tools. The paper can be accessed via links below.

HTML Version: Design-grounded assessment: A framework and a case study of Web 2.0 practices in higher education

PDF Version

Dr. Ross Perkins

Dr. Perkins wrote a published article in the June 2011 edition of EDUCAUSE Quarterly. Perkins, R. A. (2011). Using research-based practices to increase response rates for web-based surveys. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 34(2).

Retrieved from EDUCAUSE Quarterly June 2011

Also, in June 2011, Dr. Perkins and his colleagues presented a poster session at the 118th Annual Convention of the American Society for Engineering Education, Vancouver, British Columbia:
Davis, K., Perkins, R., & Miller, S. (2011). Bridging the "Valley of Death:" 360° approach to understanding adoption of innovations in engineering education.

In August Ross presented a paper written with colleagues at the 27th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning, Madison, WI: Lockee, B., Perkins, R., Potter, K., Burton, J., & Kreb, S.G. (2011). Defining quality in distance education: Examining national and international standards for online learning. In Conference Proceedings & Resources of the 27th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning, Madison, WI, (pp. 324-333). Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. John Thompson

Dr. John Thompson, an adjunct faculty member, was invited to deliver the keynote address, Understanding and Increasing Student Engagement in Online Courses, at the Online Teaching Summit at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY, on July 13, 2011.

Dr. Dazhi Yang

Dr. Yang has co-authored the following articles:

  • Olesova, L. , Yang, D., & Richardson., C. J. (2011). Cross-cultural differences in undergraduate students’ perceptions of online barriers. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 15(3), 68-80.
  • Miller, R., Streveler, R., Yang, D., & Santiago, A. (2011). Identifying and repairing student misconceptions in thermal and transport science: concept inventories and schema training studies. Chemical Engineering Education. 45(3), 203-210.


From Margie Ruppel- Our new EdTech Librarian- Albertsons Library

Margie Ruppel

Margie Ruppel, Assistant Professor & Librarian at Albertsons Library, is the new library liaison to Educational Technology. Margie received her Master's of Library Science from Indiana University in 2000 and subsequently worked as a librarian at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the University of Southern Indiana. Her specialties include research assistance and information literacy for education and related disciplines. She is currently researching library user perceptions of text messaging and chat reference services. Margie is also the library liaison to other departments in the College of Education including, Curriculum, Instruction & Foundation Studies; Literacy; Counselor Education; Early Childhood Education; and Special Education.

As the liaison to Educational Technology, Margie will help EdTech students and faculty locate research studies, information, and eBooks related to coursework. She will set up online library instruction sessions with EdTech faculty members for courses involving research requirements. Students can set up a research consultation with Margie by calling 208.426.1323 or emailing Margie Ruppel . Bookmark The Educational Technology Research Guide for quick access to article databases, APA help, RSS how-to, and eBooks! Selected Works of Margie Ruppel.

From Student Outreach Services

New Student Handbook

SOS has been hard at work writing an EdTech Student Handbook and will send all new students a printed copy in the mail. This handbook contains a lot of very important information to help students successfully navigate through the entire program to graduation. You'll find contact information, URLs, links to important forms, FAQs, instructions for using BroncoWeb, etc. If there is anything that you think should be included that isn't, please contact Dixie Conner. Look for a posting on Moodle when the digital version becomes available on our department website. The EdTech staff hopes this handbook becomes a big help to you.

EDTECH 554 Moved to Spring Semester

Students who listed EDTECH 554 on their program development forms need to tweak their schedules a bit. Starting in Spring Semester 2012, EDTECH 554--Managing Technology Integration in Schools---will be available in spring only. Until now, it had been scheduled primarily in fall semesters.


Click the links for more information

September 1, 2011

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Online Math Teacher Mercury Online Education

Part-time Online Teachers, Gifted Learning Link Northwestern University

Part-time Adjunct, Online Teaching - Diverse Populations Indiana Wesleyan University

Certified Instructor Miami/Dade/Broward Area Only Florida Virtual School

Part-time Adjunct - Instructional Technology and Design Ohio State University - Agricultural Technical Institute, Wooster, OH

Instructional Designer, Northeastern University On-Line, Boston, MA

Part-time adjunct -teach online South University Online, remote - doesn't require relocation.

eLearning Specialist - eLearning Office University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL

Online Course Developer University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Instructional Designer Rasmussen College, Oak Brook, IL

Education Technologist Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism

Life Skills Instructional Designer International Youth Foundation

Training Developer Smart Grid Workforce Training, Avista Corp., Spokane, WA


2, Friday

Last day to waive Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) using BroncoWeb.

2, Friday

Last day to register, add classes, change from credit to audit or audit to credit, and last day to drop classes without a W and receive a refund (less $50 processing fee) for Regular session classes.

2, Friday

Pell Grant eligibility determined by number of credits a student is enrolled in on this date.

2, Friday

Last day to add graduate dissertation, thesis or project credit.

2, Friday

Last day to submit Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet with documentation to Registrar’s Office to declare Idaho residency for Fall 2010 consideration.

5, Monday

Labor Day Holiday (no classes - University offices closed).

30, Friday

Last day to add graduate assessment, internship, independent study, directed research, practicum, readings and conference.

30, Friday

Last day to drop classes with a W or completely withdraw from the Regular session. No Refund. For other sessions, see Deadlines by Session table.


3, Monday

Last day to submit “Application for Admission to Candidacy” form to Graduate Admission and Degree Services for graduate degrees to be awarded in May.

10, Monday

Columbus Day Observed (classes in session and University offices open).

14, Friday

Recommended last day for final oral dissertation, thesis, or project defense for December graduation.

2011 AECT International Convention
November 8-12, 2011
Jacksonville, FL
2011 AECT International Convention

VSS Conference 2011
November 9-11
Indianapolis, IN
2011 VSS Conference



    Welcome New Students Summer 2011!

  • Kerstin Alicki
  • Alanoud Alotaibi
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  • Molli Brown
  • John Burlison
  • Brittney Campana
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  • Cary Tyler
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  • Eric Warren
  • Gary Wasem-Varela
  • Susan Weitzman-Trifman
  • Cori Williams
  • Angela Wilson

    Welcome New Students
    Fall 2011!

  • Amy Armstrong
  • Nathan Bateman
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