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Master of Educational Technology

The Master of Educational Technology is our professional degree, focusing on skills for improved performance at all levels of education, in the classroom and beyond. This program is perfect for going onto our Ed.D. program and does not require GREs for admittance.

Course work focuses on theoretical foundations, hands-on technology skills, and integration strategies for today’s learning environments. All M.E.T. students will complete a Portfolio as their Culminating Activity.


  • EDTECH 501 Introduction to Educational Technology
  • EDTECH 502 The Internet for Educators
  • EDTECH 503 Instructional Design for Educators
  • EDTECH 504 Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology
  • EDTECH 505 Evaluation for Educational Technologists
  • 15 elective credits – see elective courses here
  • Does not require GRE
  • Culminating Activity: Portfolio Required

Note: M.E.T. students can also earn a graduate certificate in one of the four specializations: ONLINE TEACHING, SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY COORDINATION, TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION, or GAMES AND SIMULATIONS. In order to do so, please indicate the appropriate certificate on the Graduate Admissions application form. It is important for students to apply for a certificate before starting the course work.

Entrance Requirements

Most Educational Technology faculty hold doctoral degrees and have practical experience in their field.

  • Minimum grade-point average of 3.0
  • 500-word personal statement
  • Completed program development form
  • Admission to the Graduate College

Application Deadlines

We accept qualified students up to one week prior to the start of classes,on a space available basis. Seats are filled on a first come first serve basis. Due to popularity of our programs we encourage all students to register early. Tuition payment is not required at the time of registration.

See Admission Procedures for steps to apply


EdTech is proud to be an affordable and high quality research-based educational institution.
(Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students)

Compare the cost …

Students completing our M.E.T. or M.S.E.T. pay $478 per credit, no matter where they live. All courses are three credits, so all courses cost $1,434 per course.

EdTech Course Fees

Course LevelPer CreditPer 3 Credit Course

The cost you pay per credit hour depends on the course level (500-level or 600-level), and not the program in which a person is enrolled. For example, EDTECH 503, Instructional Design, would cost $1,434 (even if one were an EdD student taking it). EDTECH 650 would cost $1,797 whether one were an EdS student or a doctoral student.

*Without transfer credits
See Transfer Credit policy here:

The department of Educational Technology is also pleased to announce openings for:
– Scholarships